Journey PS4, PS Vita Remote Play and PS3 Comparison

Journey is now out on PlayStation 4 making an already beautiful game much more gorgeous.Here's a comparison of the PS4 version to the PS3 version along with a demo of the PlayStation Vita remote play.

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HaHa_Ostrich2123d ago

This game persuaded me that gaming isnt becoming stale. The best experience of the platform.

GearSkiN2123d ago

Oh snap! I have it on ps3 I'm guessing it's free for me!

tanukisuit2122d ago

Yeah, if you bought the PS3 version (digital copy) already, you can upgrade for free. Be warned though, because of a glitch, you can't get the PS4's STATIC theme, since it thinks you didn't buy the game. Or, I'm completely wrong, and it's supposed to be that way. Either way, if you want to buy the PS4 version, there is no option to (through a browser or through your actual PS4).

GearSkiN2122d ago

yup went ahead and got that theme too! happy gaming man!

TheHardware2122d ago

Didnt play it on ps3.....will definitely be getting the ps4 version.