Uncharted 2's PS4 teaser leaves us hungry for more

While there are legitimate concerns that the sheer volume of remasters hitting the current-gen consoles is starting to verge on the ridiculous, we've still got a lot of time for Sony's continuing efforts in bringing PlayStation 3 glory days to its latest console platform. The Last of Us Remastered worked beautifully overall, God of War 3's 1080p60 presentation is excellent, and our first look - more of a glimpse really - of the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection is also heavy with promise. Right now, from our perspective, all that's missing from the line-up is a Killzone 2/3 release.

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Genuine-User3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I can't wait to play through all the Uncharted games again. It's my favorite trilogy from last-generation.

Neonridr3291d ago

I can't wait to play them for the first time.. :D

Becuzisaid3291d ago

You are in for an awesome ride. The first time I played them I was left in awe over and over. Do yourself a favor and play then in order. Not sure how well the first game holds up gameplay wise against the sequels (haven't played it in years), but the character relationships are key to enjoying the games to their fullest. Start at the beginning.

Genuine-User3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I envy you :)

Jokes aside, I hope all the newcomers enjoy the Uncharted collection.

Neonridr3291d ago

@Becuzisaid - I will definitely be playing them through in order. Don't want to spoil anything.. :P

My only experience is with Golden Abyss on the Vita.

I have this thing preordered and I cannot wait.

Ezz20133291d ago

You are very lucky

I wish i was you playing it for the first time

Neonridr3291d ago

It's so nice to hear, I got so many of the same reactions when I played TLOU for the first time with the remaster.

Definitely makes you feel good when so many people here are genuinely happy for me to enjoy a game series for the first time.

3291d ago
Neonridr3291d ago

@SurvivorOne - thanks buddy.

LoveSpuds3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )


While I know you are being positive you must be the only person in the world who "wished the graphics were better" when the games were originally released, they looked flipping immense back in the day and aint too shabby even now.

UKmilitia3291d ago

boy are you in for a treat matey.
amazing games with great characters and awesome settings.
did you play Last of us remaster?

UKmilitia3291d ago

nvm i seen your last of us comment below.

welcome to greatness :)

bradleejones3291d ago

And second time and third time... Seriously some great games. You don't necessarily have to play in order, the stories aren't connected as far as I recall.

deafdani3291d ago

Awesome! Just a couple observations, though:

1. Have some patience with Uncharted 1. It hasn't aged as well as the other 2, but it's still a pretty damn fun game on its own right, if you learn to tolerate the bullet-sponge enemies. :P

2. Don't expect the Uncharted games to be anything like The Last of Us. Yes, they were made by the same studio, but the tone of these games is very different. TLOU is all gritty and realistic, whereas the Uncharted games are more light hearted and funny, and reminiscent of Indiana Jones is many ways.

Anyway, enjoy them! :)

specialguest3291d ago

Wow, I can't believe it's been nearly 6 years since I played UC2. The gameplay still holds up very well.

rainslacker3290d ago

Would be really interested to hear your thoughts when you finally play the game for the first time. I remember how I felt the first time I played UC, and how I felt finishing it. Would be nice to see how people in a new generation feel after all the changes since the first UC came out. Although i know you've been with us for a while so won't be all fresh in that 7th generation smell.:)

WelkinCole3290d ago

The number one was the first game I played that made me say this is next gen.

The boat scene my mother was around and when she came in the living room she asked what movie I was watching lol!.

Can't believe it has been 8 years.

Seriously. Part one is still my favorite. Part 2 just took everything to the next level and beyond but nothing beats the first time I was introduced to Nat and co.

morganfell3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

You are incredibly fortunate to get to play these for the first time. After the first one all we could do was hope for a second and the wait was excrutiating. It wasn't a sure bet then. Uncharted was a game the American press didn't outright attack in the manner they went after Heavenly Sword. I think it is because they didn't want to draw attention to it. Instead they just ignored it when they could.

Stuart57563290d ago

Genuine-User said 'I envy you :)', me too! Getting to play Uncharted for the first time at this stage is like watching Breaking Bad the first time. Only once can there be a 'first time'. So jealous. I'll play through them again though and really enjoy it. You're in for a real treat.

Neonridr3290d ago

you guys really know how to make someone feel good.. ;)

I appreciate all the comments and support.

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joab7773291d ago

It's just a great collection to own...and perfect for anyone who hasn't played it yet.

But Bioshock trilogy remaster is still #1 on my damn wishlist. It would be amamzing, and it would sell a ton of copies. Imagine the deal w/ all story dlc included. C'mon. Make ot happen!!


If we go just as far as last gen, I agree with you. But my list is still topped by Onimusha and Legacy of Kain. Remasters, remakes, new entries, I don't even care, I just really want those games to continue.

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SolidDuck3291d ago

I get the remaster hate. These are some great games tho. They also mention killzone 2. I know I'm in the minority, but id pay full price for killzone 2 remastered.

Becuzisaid3291d ago

I'd pay $40 for Killzone 2 and 3 bundle. Those games are very enjoyable but not high on my list. But if you find just Killzone 2 to be that valuable, that's your opinion.

bloodybutcher3291d ago

But kz2 only with mp included.I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

rezzah3291d ago

To this day no other FPS has filled the void that KZ2 MP created. The MP was one of the best online experiences I had last gen.

JWiLL5523291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I'd probably pay full price just for Killzone 2 multiplayer @ 60 FPS. That game was so damn good.

It definitely had the best hitboxes I'd seen in a console shooter to date. Everything was so on point. If you had good aim you were damn well getting that headshot, which was a big contrast to the COD games out at the time.

UNLOADEAD3291d ago

I can't wait to play all 3 again. But I really want to see uncharted drakes fortune gameplay and see the differences/upgrades the ps4 can do to it.

jay23291d ago


Germany73291d ago

No one is forcing you to buy...