Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For Wii U", Developer Now Waiting On New Nintendo Hardware

London developer Slightly Mad Studios will no longer be committing resources to a Wii U edition of its acclaimed racing sim Project Cars, according to new comments attributed to an executive at the studio.

"The official line is that we're awaiting an announcement from Nintendo on new hardware," Bell was quoted as saying. "As of now Project Cars is simply too much for the Wii U."

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Shnazzyone3280d ago

Ah well, kinda figured. Shame they committed to it. However I had a feeling when every version released except for the wii U version. I'll just keep playing mario Kart then.

pcz3280d ago

they never intended to make a wiiu version, they just wanted nintendo fans money to help fund their game.

ShadowWolf7123280d ago

Dude... that's just being silly, c'mon.

They could barely get this game optimized for the other consoles for crying out loud.

Nick_The_Slick3280d ago

Hooray for conspiracy theories!

freshslicepizza3279d ago

this pretty much confirms the wii u is dead and the new system will be out soon.

MSBAUSTX3280d ago

This developer can officially rot in hell. They took our money and even said that the Wii U version was looking good and would surprise people as to what the Wii U coukd do. These guys are liars and will never get my support again. Good thing I didnt buy it for XB1 because I hear it is crap when compared to other racing games.

Angeljuice3279d ago

The WiiU is too weak to play the game, blame Nintendo for being cheapskates not the devs for trying their hardest with what little they were given.

light693279d ago


Blame nintedno? My god, I haven't logged in here in a long time but I had to respond to your stupid comment. First of why should nintendo be blamed for a developers promise on a game that nintendo had nothing to do with? You do realize that as developers they had to see what they could do and if they knew they couldn't finish the project then why lie (and yes I do believe they lied) about the Wii U version and take peoples money? From what I can see, which Is nothing since they didn't even bother showing any type of footage or development process, slightly mad studios is not worth my time and I hope they can in the future understand what limits are. I also hope in the future you become more knowledgeable and understanding of these kinds of manners.

ChickeyCantor3280d ago

Must feel great to be the kickstarter backer that gave them money for a Wii U version.

RiseofScorpio3280d ago

Tbh these hacks want people to pay for Project Cars 2 aswell even though they sold a million+ copies.

ChickeyCantor3280d ago

I cant find the link but one of the developers even insulted nintendo fans in the forums and was happy they didn't get the game.

Simply asinine.

Lamboomington3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

The majority of the profits didn't go to them. For those of you who don't know, which is basically all of you, this isn't kickstarter. It's WMD - World of Mass Development.

Backers don't just donate money. They invest in the game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but unless things have changed, the majority of the profits went back to the backers depending on how much they invested.

Yep. That basically completely invalidates "What about all the profits they got from the first game?"

Nonetheless, it's still sad how the WiiU owners were treated here. Some of them really wanted this.

Nick_The_Slick3280d ago (Edited 3280d ago )

And? Does selling a million copies mean they have the money for a sequel? What were their expenses? What were the end profits, if any? Right.

Armchair businessmen and developers right here on N4G...

Lamboomington3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

It's common sense.

It was the majority of profits, the figure in my head was 70%, but probably around 60-70%, maybe less. Sorry, but that's already more than enough to invalidate mindless criticism for a second crowdfunding campaign

What if the ambition of the second game simply requires a lot more funding ? So it needs additional crowdfunding ? Did that ever occur to you ? because it's pretty obvious that's the case. Any sensible person would come to that conclusion.

Common sense will tell you that. Unless you just straight up assume that they are somehow criminals who won't use the money from sales... which is exactly what so many of you are doing.

I'm not defending SMS from valid criticism (like the WiiU version), but this particular one - "where did all the sales money go?" is ignorant and stupid.

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Medora3280d ago

Project Cars was crowdfunded, but not through Kickstarter.

AKR3280d ago

Like I've said before; their behavior with this is what's "too much".

How could you go from praising the system's capabilities to saying it's too weak? They were one of the first set of third-party developers to announce that they'd be bringing a game over to the system; even before the U was launched we knew that pCARS would be coming.

Somewhere in their "quest to look the best", they obviously went above and beyond their original level of quality. I'm not disputing that the Wii U is weaker than the PS4 or XBO, but considering would other studios, like Shin'en Multimedia, have been able to accomplish, it's obvious that SMS pushed it aside not too long after they got their hands on the other dev-kits.

Even if the NX comes out next year; who's going to want to by a year-old port, especially when it's already available on 3 other platforms? Please SMS, grow some brain cells. UbiSoft screwed over the fanbase once, you guys definitely ain't gonna away with it a second time.

Ark_3280d ago

Totally agree ... after being initially excited for their general attitude and towards the WiiU, they lost my purchase long time a ago. Also on PC btw.

mcstorm3280d ago

I really whish I had not got the game on my Xbox one as it is a mess. I am a big fan of racing games but I hate when they are unfinished or don't work right on a console. I was excited for Project Cars on the WiiU and when they said it was not coming until later on I thought I would get the xbox one version as I wanted a new Sim game and thinking PC would be on the same lines as GT and Forza I was so wrong.

In a way in glad the WiiU is not getting this game as it will save some people being burnt like I feel I have been with PC on the Xbox One.

Nick_The_Slick3280d ago

Yes, because Shinen was able to make a simplistic hovercraft racing game with the physics of a N64 title, that means Project Cars with 40 cars on screen and advanced physics should be able to run smoothly as well... The WiiU is probably too weak to even process the physics alone for this game, much less graphics and sound.

Neonridr3279d ago

lol, clearly you don't know Shin'ens work Nick_The_Slick. But not surprising, they have made mostly Nintendo titles all their lives.

Spotie3280d ago

You've gotta be out of your mind if you think they'd have talked bad about the console while making a game for it.

Angeljuice3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )


They can't port the game because the WiiU is not powerful enough. Do you suggest they remake the whole game from the ground up with a less ambitious version?

Then you'd get an inferior version 2+ years from now, how appealing would that be?

Nintendo say that they don't like realistic graphics in games because it "makes games all look the same", but the truth is that realistic graphics take a lot more processing power than cartoon graphics.

And that's just the graphics, add physics into the mix and an already pushed WiiU is just going to crumble into a jittering mess.

Realism doesn't come cheap, Nintendo hardware does.

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M3TR01DFANBOY3280d ago

sms really screwed over Wii U owners.

MSBAUSTX3280d ago

Read this article and then read others where they initially praised the Wii U for being more powerful than people thought it was. Now they simply dump the idea of a Wii U version that a ton of U owners were looking forward to. If you dont think that is screwing over U owners then you obviously dont know what the term means. Or you just like to disagree for no reason.

M3TR01DFANBOY3280d ago

Basically what MSBAUSTX said, also they pretty much stole Wii u backers money as they're not delivering what they promised

OC_MurphysLaw3280d ago

Hmmm..... definitely not the news any WiiU only owners want to hear. And not about the racer but about a dev saying "We'll wait for the new hardware".