AMD launches affordable A8-7670K APU for gaming PCs built on a budget

AMD adds another budget chip to its A Series to lure gamers and budget PC builders ahead of the Windows 10 launch.

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ocelot072205d ago

I like AMD's budget APU's. I have a 5600k paired with a 7850 and run most games at 1890p at 30-40FPS this is of course a back up/spare PC.

NarooN2205d ago

Yeah the performance you get for the money you spend is pretty great. I've used several APU's and they were great for how cheap they were. Just gotta make sure you pair them up with fast dual-channel memory is all. They're a blast to overclock as well.

ABizzel12205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

"At $118, the A8-7670K sounds like a bargain, but if you spring for an extra $32 you can up your game to the slightly more powerful, $150 A10-7870K."

Or you can buy the A10-7870k from Microcenter for $129.99, the A10-7850k for $109.99, or the A10-7700k for $89.99 (which is exactly what the A8-7670k is).

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2205d ago

Man when will these guys learn? Their APU shit has them bleeding money.

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ATi_Elite2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Amd needs to grow up, seriously.

Tegra or Arm are in most tablets and Intel has virtually no competition.

Oh wait I guess AMD corners the console market.

Love those AMD gpu's.

NarooN2204d ago

Kinda hard for AMD to do better in mobile when the OEM's refuse to put their chips in decently-specced machines.


JsonHenry2205d ago

They make a lot of money off of the APUs. Its in almost all their budget laptops/PCs. And they sell a lot of them.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Have a good read on this.

As you can see their APU venture gutted them fairly badly. Argue it all you want, facts are facts.

To reiterate. Their apus are actually losing them money, their embedded deals are their saving grace at the moment and those are temporary. An APU is basically a shitty processor and a shitty gpu in an affordable (yet not cost effective) package, it's much more beneficial to have a cpu and a gpu separate. in regards to both performance and dollar/performance ratios.

JsonHenry2204d ago

If I as going to avoid paying taxes I'd mark it down as a write off too. ;)

ABizzel12205d ago

As InNoMinaTE said the APUs in the consoles are one of the main things keeping AMD finances acceptable. Yes they're losing money overall, but that's more so because their entire business is 2nd rate in every field right now.

Their FX series CPUs have been vastly outclassed by Intel for 3 gens now. Their GPUs have been losing to NVIDIA's slightly each gen (but at least they're not 3 gens behind and they can compete in value), and their APUs are down in desktop gaming.

Really the only bright spot hardware wise are the APUs for the consoles for AMD. You can't solely put the blame on APUs, because sales have been down across the board.

If anything they need to focus on getting their APUs in more devices like laptops, Android TV devices, HDTV's and other devices where TDP isn't the biggest concern. APUs are great for those kind of things because they can be low power consumers and offer much better GPU functionality than ARM / Tegra / Intel / etc... Any device with one in them can truly be a PC.

They need to redo the entire FX series, offering at least 1.5x the single core performance, while also reducing TDP or at the very least keep the same TDP. Intel currently has 2x the single core performance and at the same time running at half the TDP. Once again only price is keeping them afloat here, and they haven't been able to complete since the i 2000 series.

GPU wise they're in a much better spot, but once again TDP gets the best of them, and it matters to PC gamers simply because that's less upgrades and changes to their current PC they have to make such as buying a new power supply or not. NVIDIA is sitting nice at 60w / 150w / 250w for the entry, mainstream, and premium GPUs (750 ti / 970 / 980Ti), meanwhile AMD sits as 100w / 275 / 275 (360 / 390 / Fury). If they can get their cards running cooler at a lower TDP then they'll be good, and if they can get a performance gain over NVIDIA then they'll be great and can get back in the race.

The best thing they have going for them is the console business, and since the NX is rumored to use an APU as well it's their biggest business, and getting rid of it is a complete waste.

AMD has a much smaller budget, and some serious work to do, but getting rid of APUs is a horrible decision. They need to find better ways to get more use out of them. They would also be wise to begin making low powered APUs that can fit into easy made micro computers which are a huge potential market for many lower income countries.

Things aren't going to turn around for them anytime soon especially in the CPU department where they have tons of ground they need to make up, but GPU and APU are still viable markets they just need a bit of work, a bit of strategic business placements, and a good deal of marketing.

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bluzone2205d ago

not exactly making big money for Intel(atom)either. all though doubling down with new versions of atom, x3 x5 x7.

noksucow732204d ago

Always been a fan of AMD, so I hope they can get their act together. I'm not to fond of using apus in my builds though. I prefer cpu and a separate gpu .

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