Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 43

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

*Does The Last of Us really need a sequel?
*Do you guys like to stream and watch other people play games instead of playing yourself?
*Which game borrowed more from the other between Uncharted and Tomb Raider?
*What are your thoughts on Capcom’s new DLC strategy for Street Fighter V?
*Do you think more fighting games will follow SFV‘s type of DLC model in the future?
*What is the most overrated and underrated gaming franchise?
*Is it harder for people on the fence to choose their console of choice when exclusives are eventually heading to competing platforms?
*If Marvel does their own Blade film, do you think they’ll negate Blade: Trinity?
*If you could interview Anita Sarcastic, what kind of questions would you ask her?
*$10 million dollars just dropped in your lap after taxes. What do you do with it?
*You’ve been hired to direct a future super hero film. You have a ton of scripts in front of you. Which one do you choose?"

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