Games we’re ashamed to admit we play

MyGaming: "We all secretly love a number of games we’d never tell anyone else about, games that make us seem like simpletons, suckers or sellouts.

They’re games that are way below our age group, games we know are critical failures, games that are embarrassing to play in a group or that the community despise in general.

Nevertheless, we play them, and we enjoy them too – when no one is looking of course.

These are the games most often spoken about in hushed tones by so many of us"

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Malphite2254d ago

I'm not so much ashamed for having played SingStar as I am sorry for the people that were listening to it.

And Lego games are fun. No need to be ashamed for playing them imo.

Spotie2254d ago

SingStar was one of our party games. We usually wound up competing boys against girls. Us boys always won.

Army_of_Darkness2253d ago

Karaoke American Idol is much better than singstar... Great drunken party game :-) and I enjoyed lollipop chainsaw as well lol!

2253d ago
WildArmed2253d ago

Definitely no shame in Lego games.

As for just dance and other similar gams, party games are super fun... As long as you aren't playing alone :P

GoPanthers9992253d ago

Plants vs Zombies GW and Splatoon - I am 44, I don't tell anyone that I play these. Both are great games.

wonderfulmonkeyman2253d ago

The only one I felt ashamed of owning, off the top of my head, was TMNT: Smash Up.
I got rid of it not long afterwards, though, so I'm not sure that counts...
I guess maybe Child of Light?
I love the story and combat, but Ubisoft hasn't really done much in the last 3 years to warrant my patronage outside of that game, so I guess I feel a little guilty about giving them money for it when they've burned me so many times before...

DeeboSlice2253d ago

Child of Light was excellent. No shame for that one. It is just a sleeper.

wonderfulmonkeyman2253d ago

Like I said, I like the game.
Just not the company.