Top 5 Glitchiest Games Of All Time

GamersFTW writes - I scoured the web to compile the Top 5 glitchiest games I could find. Single game-breaking glitches need not apply, as we only want the most unplayable, messiest titles imaginable. Prepare for a one way ticket to gaming hell…

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MrsNesbitt2206d ago

Air Control looks horrid. Recently been playing the 64, Donkey Kong has some awesome glitches which can take you to unremoved rooms left by the developers, they're useless but glorifying to find!

XisThatKid2205d ago

Rocky for ps2, No mercy on N64, Dragon Ball GT PSone, very select copies of The Last of us on PS3, Skyrim on PS3 in particular, Damnation 360 and PS3, Contrast on PS4, Killer Instinct Gold N64, GTA1, Saints Row 2. Just a few of the games that had some of the funniest ones have happened to me or friends over the years.

2pacalypsenow2205d ago

How is fallout new Vegas or skyrim not in there lol

Irishguy952205d ago

They're not even close is why. This list is wrong...

no ET

XisThatKid2205d ago

ET is just bad not glitchy

il-JumperMT2205d ago

World of Warcraft at launch.Game breaking loot bug

Dewitt2205d ago

This is actually a great list.