PS4 Disc-Reading Problems Seemingly Caused By Latest System Update

The PS4 doesn’t get major updates too often, but between those larger updates, we do get plenty of smaller ones. These are often promoted as merely “stablity updates,” much to the chagrin of fans that want more requested features. However, the latest one that came out a few weeks ago is seemingly causing issues for some PS4 owners.

This is actually something that happened to me the other day and I just thought it was isolated, until I saw numerous others posting about it online, so I thought I would explain what it is and the current solution.

The issue on the PS4 involves the input of a new disc to your system when booting from rest mode. If you haven’t put a new disc into your system since the update went live on July 1, you wouldn’t have run into this issue at all. Even if you have put a new disc in, you may not have dealt with it either.

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Rimeskeem2499d ago

I haven't experienced nor heard any of my friends complain about disc problems. Odd

Garethvk2499d ago

Mine is running great, just had the MK X disc in it and it ran like a champ.

Rimeskeem2499d ago

when did the update happen? i think my PS4 is updated but not sure.

MysticStrummer2499d ago

Yup this is the first I'm hearing of this, but I have noticed that my friends list is acting up since that last update. At times the menu bar doesn't seem to accurately show the number of friends online as they log on and off, but if I look at the actual list of names I can see who is on.

Volkama2499d ago

I feel you man. I also lack friends :(

showtimefolks2499d ago

Hopefully it will be fixed soon so everyone can enjoy gaming. I wish the best for all console owners, at the end of the day we all only want to play games and enjoy

Reaper29r2499d ago

Well said man (except I include PC in with it since I grew up with it). At the end of the day all gamers just want to enjoy their games and systems. One big weird family lol.

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Summons752499d ago

This has happened to me twice now and scared me both times (much worse the first time but still). First was Batman then I picked out the current gen release of Dark Souls 2 after playing Ps3 version to death and going back to a lesser system was hard (love DKS2 on Ps4 by the way, feels like a new experience even though I know the maps by heart). Any like the article says, a simple reboot fixed the problem.

Strangest thing though. When I brought Batman to my friends house, he put it in and it came up an "Ps4 Format Disc". Taking it out then in fixed that but does anyone know what that was about?

vikingland12499d ago

Batman and The Witcher 3 swap out just fine for me. I haven't tried any other disc.

jay22499d ago

its just loading the info/title from the files on the disc nothing to worry about.

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