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Since the last reporting period, sentiment for the Wii has slightly cooled off and is receiving more competition from the Xbox 360. Discussion levels for the Wii are much higher giving it the edge over the Xbox 360 and the top spot this week. Availability has been an issue as consumers are finding it difficult to obtain a Wii. However, purchase intent is high which stems mostly from positive discussion about the Wii's innovative controller.

This week, sentiment for the Wii and Xbox 360 are similar but the Xbox 360 still trails the competition in discussion share resulting in a second place ranking. So far, Microsoft has managed to keep sentiments positive despite the hype surrounded by the Wii and PS3 launches. Online features, graphics, and game lineup represent the Xbox 360's most significant strengths. Microsoft may currently be benefiting from low availability of the Wii and PS3 as purchase intent increased 0.6 points from last week.

The PS3 is struggling to reverse negative perceptions of the console. In nearly every aspect, the console scores below the segment average. Discussion of the Cell Processor and graphics may be the key to changing consumer perceptions in the future as it currently represents its strengths. However, the PS3 has yet to convince consumers that the graphics are superior as sentiment scores still trail the Xbox 360 by 0.4 points - no improvement from last week.

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96impala4353d ago

the xbox360 is going to come out on top period, that's my prediction.

Mattey4353d ago

I think 360 will come out on top fo sho, ya its a all around great system, i for one am pleased of my buy.

Marriot VP4353d ago

Well the consoles launching should have kicked up the most dust period. However this is strange cause the PS3 hasn't spiked like the Wii did.

kingboy4353d ago

wait till we start to see ps3`s lying on store shelves,then we gonna know which is which in sales

Marriot VP4353d ago

yah than instead of people not buying it cause it's not there. They won't buy it because they can't afford it.


just messing with yah

foghornlegahorn4353d ago

I own all three next gen systems. I am thrilled with the wii remote and have played a few games that brings back innovative, good entertainment. If game developers can keep new and interesting ways to use the controlers in wii games, then it doesn't matter about graphics,....somewhat. The xbox360, been out for awhile and there is plenty of games that I play and are very enjoyable, also a large number of games coming soon that I am highly anticipating. The PS3, so far has Resistance that I am playing, but other than that, there isn't much going on for that system. There are a few must haves coming to the system, but I really could have waited another year before purchasing. Blu-Ray disc it came with...was nothing that made me want to switch over my 300+ dvd catalog, or start buying exclusively Blu-ray discs. Maybe next year this time, we could actually compare all the consoles, but as of right now it's xbox360 with wii running a very close 2nd and PS3 bringing up the rear.

NJ1307RSX4353d ago

Anyone who thinks the Wii is anywhere near as good as a PS3 or an Xbox 360 must be on some strong medication ;)

$250 for a rehashed Gamecube with a new controller... I'll Pass.

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The story is too old to be commented.