How PS4-Exclusive Until Dawn's Choices Can Mean Life or Death

Decisions, decisions.

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SaveFerris2280d ago

For the player? Talk about hardcore gaming! /s

Goozex2280d ago

what the gameplay like haven't heard much from this game but very interested

Valenka2280d ago

Until Dawn's gameplay is comparable to Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Head over to YouTube and watch a gameplay video or two.

mgszelda12280d ago

I'm excited to play this. Not many games boast choices changing the story and actually deliver

ArchangelMike2280d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game, especially as the previews are very positive. I know it offers massive replayability due to the choices, but I also hope the game is still a good length.

AutoCad2280d ago

Its a far more rail experience thn Heavy Rain..
I wish they would of made this game into like an episodic game,maybe have like 5 seasons of it.

BitbyDeath2280d ago

Joke post? This game is the furtherest thing from on rails. Every other genre including open world games such as fallout are more on rails than this game.

Due to it having hundreds if not thousands of different branches and endings.

ninsigma2280d ago

I don't think its setting would fit episodic releases. It's a horror so it pulls you in by building up the tension and atmosphere. It can't do that if it has to stop and wait for a couple of months to release the next part.

AutoCad2280d ago

Resident Evil Nailed it.

WizzroSupreme2280d ago

Wonder if you can decide who lives and who dies in the game's ending.

ninsigma2280d ago

I think the characters die throughout (or live) depending on your choices and the ending changes depending on who you have left and various other things as well as that.

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