Yahoo - What's wrong with just loading up my game and playing it?

The headline news from E3 wasn't any game in particular. We knew about most of the big names already, and the best still aren't due until Christmas... at the earliest. No, the biggest thing to come out of this annual industry parade was the emergence of avatars as the Next Big Thing.

Ava-whats? Exactly.

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skynidas5745d ago

Home shouldnt be called an avatar system

Joe29115744d ago

It isnt an avatar service, it goes way beyond that, its a virtual social network as far as i can see. Its not just about showing you as a character, its a way of meeting new people and jumping into games with people, deffinately not an avatar service. Im agreeing with you :)

TheDude2dot05744d ago

The writer clearly doesn't understand Home because it is not required. It is just an extra program you can use to do all the previous stuff with the added people online.

Kill Sarah5745d ago

that's what i'm talkin about
that's why HomeLess will fail !
walking through a hallway 2 launch a game ? PuHlEez

Tacki5745d ago

Home is optional. You don't have to go into it to launch a game.

butterfinger5745d ago

don't have to walk anywhere to launch the game still. You can immediately launch a game from a disc anywhere in Home. Then again, it's not like you are intelligent or anything.

Pika-pie5745d ago

Yahoo - What happened to just being a search engine & e-mail provider without reporting on things you know nothing about.

militant075745d ago

well i care cuse sometime i wont play game but i wanna be on dashboard

yahoo and stfu and try to beat google

McValdemar5745d ago

Agana dimostration that Yahoo talks about something they completely don't know.

If you want to simply "load and play the game" (exactly what they shout in the title) you just have to turn on the option to immediate launch the game when a game disc is insterted.
And flexible so the user can deide if auto.boot a disc or not.

How many articles like this we have to read after the failure of the agreement between Yahoo and MS?

kingOVsticks5745d ago (Edited 5745d ago )

but that would just make too much since and won't give them anything to
b!tch about.

"What's wrong with just loading up my game and playing it?"

what wrong with you guys NOT SHUTTING THE F**K UP!

butterfinger5745d ago

to find out that Yahoo! was just bitter about the whole MS thing and that is why they continue to post this nonsense. There really is no point to this article as the avatar systems are simply extra features that we can choose to use or not to use, and as you said, you can just make the game launch upon inserting it. Yahoo should leave the gaming articles to people that actually know anything about gaming, or at least wait until WE, the gamers, complain about our EXTRA features.

Willio5744d ago

"looks just like you! Lol!" or: "Looks nothing like you! Lol" and then go back to your game of Call of Duty where you can be a big soldier with a big gun instead of playing with dolls.

Come on, that was funny.

Wii60Fan5744d ago

VERY wrong with Yahoo and I refuse to use them anymore.

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