Rumor: Volition Working On New IP, More Realistic Than Saints Row

OnlySP: "Volition will be stepping away from their popular Saints Row franchise with their next title, if a recent job listing is to be believed."

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Bigpappy1190d ago

The first one was really good. The second was not bad either. Then they stared to get lost in the silliness and lost me.

SourtreeDing1190d ago

the first one had my attention but never picked it up, thought it was missing something... then the 2nd one was not for me followed by the others....

3-4-51189d ago

* More realistic than a game that was completely unrealistic ?

Is that supposed to mean something?

I think they think, they are smarter than they really are.

spacedelete1189d ago

not sure what your talking about. 4 was fantastic.

wakeNbake1189d ago

Saints Row 2's Stilwater was perfect, Steelport was terrible.

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ape0071190d ago

sr1 and sr2 were good, sr3 was ok, sr4 i hated it

with that being said, volition is a talented studio, red faction 1 was excellent, hope they make another red faction 1 type of game

Jalva1189d ago

I never played the original SR game as I've only ever owned PlayStation consoles but I really enjoyed both SR2 and SR3 for different reasons, never played SR4 though as the superpowers thing was just a bit too over the top for me, regardless I'm very intrigued by this news.

Satyre281189d ago

Agree with other posts. First 2 saints row were excellent, at that current time they were even better than GTA imo. After that thought, they just kinda gave up with the realism and went all nuts, and i did not like that at all. It was just kinda weird because the first 2 were so serious based, and all of a sudden they did that crazy world with powers and stuff but it was still called "saints Row".

spacedelete1189d ago

its because everyone was calling them GTA clones and poor ones at that so they wanted to be different and try something new. gamers will always whine anyway. they went in the right direction.

-Foxtrot1189d ago

Thing is Saints Row was the more serious one. If they wanted to go really, REALLY silly why not just create a new IP back then instead of ruining Saints Row

Saints Row 2 was fantastic

spacedelete1189d ago

Saints Row was never serious. not sure people like you even played Saints Row games as Saints Row 2 you can spray shit with a truck on buildings but you just want to jump on the hating bandwagon.

-Foxtrot1189d ago

But compared to what it us now it was more realistic

Don't do the bloody "you haven't played it" big headed can you get

spacedelete1189d ago

plenty of franchises have gone to shit like Resident Evil, DMC, COD etc. nothing you can do but deal with it and hope the next ones are actually good.

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