Analysis – Gamers Are Playing The Big Releases On PS4, And That Should Worry Microsoft

Yesterday’s NPD report for the month of June revealed that the video game industry is in an upswing. Amidst the very good news was the latest in a long of line of major titles that definitively swung toward the current market leader.

Before NPD released its report, Sony issued a statement letting press know that it had claimed the top spot for software and hardware in June. Specifically, Sony cited strong sales of its Batman: Arkham Knight bundle. Not only that, but more retail standalone copies of the PlayStation 4 version of Arkham Knight were sold.

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Thatguy-3102158d ago

The batman series has always performed better on the PS console so it shouldn't be a surprise how Arkham knight did best on the ps4. Next few months will see the partnership of MGS V, COD and battlefront. This should be interesting.

kraenk122158d ago

The surprising thing that it's usually twice the sales on PS4 is not surprising at all, considering the almost twice as big user base. What is interesting and really worrying is that it's usually even higher with the big releases because they have been optimised best for Sony's console and I doubt this is gonna change.

firelogic2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

The PS4 user base isn't actually twice as big in North America, which is what NPD tracks. It's a lot closer. Worldwide, it's almost 2:1. So that makes Sony's 3rd party game sales lead that much more significant in North America.

oSHINSAo2157d ago

indeed firelogic, in USA there is a 700k gap, but worldwide its 2:1

BeefCurtains2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I wonder how all of us consumers are somewhat in the dark for actual sales numbers, but Sony knows they were the top selling console and can make that announcement?

Just an observation, how does Sony know Microsofts sales numbers? Or did we miss the Sony and Microsoft press release with the hard data?

Automatic792158d ago

Gameinformer is trolling us. I went earlier to Gameinformer and they published an article re NPD and Xbox dominated 6 out of 10 game sales. Media keeps trying to Downplay the incredible sales of Xbox for hits that's just sad. Both systems doing well for there respective time periods and no system is failing. Enough with these horrible articles that keep trying to start fanboy wars. Its pathetic.

pedrof932158d ago

What games did X1 dominate ?

MysticStrummer2158d ago

"I went earlier to Gameinformer and they published an article re NPD and Xbox dominated 6 out of 10 game sales."

Links please.

Automatic792158d ago

@Mystic and Pedro I will provide links upon using my PC right now on phone. If I show proof will that change disagrees to agree?

kenshiro1002158d ago

So instead of yapping, show the proof. You still didn't provide links yet.

Automatic792158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Okay for all those that doubted me here is the NPD sales and article below it.

As you can see Xbox did very well in game sales through the month of June

6 out of 10 in the top 10 belong to Xbox

Out of the six, three belong to Xbox One the games Elder Scrolls Online, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto Those are big games

The other 3 were lead by Xbox 360 with Jurassic World first on Xbox 360 and second on Xbox one
Minecraft on Xbox 360 and MS makes money on all platforms and NBA 2K15 selling more on Xbox 360.

Xbox still makes money on software.

1.Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4, XBO, PC)
2.The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (XBO, PS4, PC)
3.LEGO: Jurassic World (360, XBO, PS4, PS3, 3DS, NWU, PSV)
4.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PS4, XBO, PC)
5.Splatoon (NWU)
6.Minecraft (360, PS3, XBO, PS4)
7.Grand Theft Auto V (XBO, PS4, 360, PS3, PC)
8.Mortal Kombat X (PS4, XBO)
9.NBA 2K15 (360, PS4, XBO, PS3, PC)
10.Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (XBO, PS4, 360, PS3, PC)

Some are going to argue this that's fine but software and numbers don't lie. Kudos to Sony for having Batman and Witcher 3 selling more on PS4. Gameinformer just igniting fanboy wars. Disagree with me all you want I own both consoles and primarily game on Xbox One but this has to do with media trying to sway wars to get hits instead of acknowledging that both consoles excellent. I remember 2 years ago it was stated from various websites and analyst that consoles were dying. Looks who laughing now. Enjoy the weekend gamers.

Rookie_Monster2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Good Find Michael,

I love it that you backed it up with hard evidence. Still, somehow you will still be discredited and down voted even when evidence is right there for all to see. But glad you exposed the media trying to bait with these type of baiting articles.

Letthewookiewin2158d ago

Well two of the biggest and most recent releases sold the best on PS4, that's what publishers and devs look at the most. A game makes most of its money in the first couple weeks.

kenshiro1002158d ago

Except no one ever said the Xbox brand doesn't make money in software. Just that the PS4 is doing more.

Denial is a river.

Christopher2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

@Michael: ONly problem with those listings is that you don't know how drastic the sales are from one item to the next.

Batman is obviously going to be the biggest amount, but the bottom amount could end up being 1/50th of the top amount. So, add up all those sales, would XBO still come out ahead on total amounts of the top 10?

Not likely.

I've also noticed a lot of new XBO users after major XBO bundle sales buying 'older' games (GTAV) whereas those sales are still strongest on PS4. Such as GTAV sales are more than twice as they are on XBO.

Though, on the flip side, there are more PS4s sold in most territories, so are we seeing a "higher percentage" of games sold (higher attach rate) or just a similar trend?

Heck, the XBO could have the highest attach rate of games, but could still sell a heck of a lot less than the PS4.

Just, that list doesn't really show evidence of more games bought on XBO without seeing the actual values. Nor does it show any dominance by the PS4 on game sales overall.

I agree, both consoles are exceeding last generation numbers.

MysticStrummer2157d ago

Thanks for the link but that as Christopher said it doesn't explain why you think GI is trolling anyone or show that XB1 dominated anything. Sales numbers are needed to show that, not rankings.

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Haru2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Why should Microsoft be worried now tho? this is nothing new, Playstation is the world most popular gaming brand and the leading gaming platform it always was..PS1 dominated Nintendo PS2 dominated nintendo and Microsoft PS3 had a harder time but it still manage to lead in the end and now PS4 is crushing everything and leading the game market so yeah, Microsoft should be greatful that they're still in the 2nd place and not in the 3rd

formanbradley2158d ago

Don't forget about Assassin's Creed, even though nobody should care about that series anymore. Ubisoft in general

_-EDMIX-_2158d ago

Agreed, but what could they really do? They made the lessor out of the 3 and now they must deal with it. All they can do is make exclusives and support XONE, there really isn't anything they can do about that.

They can't predict the future, how are they to know Sony would release a more powerful system that gets better performance? Its only better by comparison, Sony could have stayed with 4gigs and the roles would be reversed in some respect.

They can't go back in time so they don't really have much to really worry about, they just need to focus on getting out exclusives to sell XONE.

iTechHeads2157d ago

Yup bundles alone will help Sony win the holidays this year. They do need a price cut though if they want to really dominate.

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Neonridr2158d ago

It shouldn't come as a surprise when there are like 10 million more users of one console. If a 3rd party game didn't sell better on PS4 I would start worrying..

zeuanimals2158d ago

Well, in the US, the PS4 isn't that far ahead of the Xbox One, but the split for certain games and certain genres lean towards the PS4. RPGs in general do better on the PS4, like The Witcher 3 which even had a marketing deal with MS.

The Xbox division cultivated a dude bro legacy and the dude bro games aren't as popular as they once we're and devs just aren't interested in making them anymore (look at how many grey shooters there were last gen compared to this gen). They need to change their image because even if the market share is the same, most Xbox One users just aren't interested in certain genres.

affrogamer2158d ago

"dude bro" though? LMAO!

iTechHeads2157d ago

This article is specifically referring to NPD data which is purely US-based. The lead there is currently about 700k or so.

Neonridr2155d ago

ahh, gotcha. Didn't realize it was that close in North America.

crazychris41242158d ago

PC is where I play the multiplatforms and consoles are where I get the exclusives. I do sometimes get a multiplatform for a console because a bunch of friends have the game so I'll play with them. Games like Gta 5, nba 2k15 and COD AW (which was a mistake)

Loktai2158d ago

There are twice as many ps4 as xbox, it's just normal... that's how this works. Microsoft should worry but xbox owners /fans need not worry about anything except weather or not they are getting a good port. The fact that there are more ps4s out there may remain permanently and isn't something to stress over.

Orbilator2158d ago

Unless your a global corporation who's sole aim is to be market leader with the most sales.
Yeah Microsoft is worried. Maybe we all should be, as competition is good for everyone.

DragonKnight2158d ago

This idea that people should be worried because competition is good for everyone completely ignores how dominant PS2 was and the other consoles still got incredible games.

This statement also ignores that the Wii was dominant and the support it got was abysmal.

We as gamers should not be worried that one console is dominant over the others because of the fact that there are 3 consoles and companies are greedy.

Spotie2157d ago

How many consoles has each sold in the US?

Rookie_Monster2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Dude, Batman even on PS3 does better than XB1 and now it has more console available on PS4 than XB1. What is the big surprises there? Battlefield Hardline and Evolve, release earlier this year does better on XB1 than PS4 on its initial NPD months too. There was also an Advanced Warfare bundle that came out last year and the xb1 version of that game also came out on top in the Nov NPD just like how the author is saying how the Batman bundle was factor in and the PS4 sku of that game also came out on top on Jun's NPd.

Many factors come into play like console differences and demographics of each platform. but both consoles seems to be doing great so this seems like just another flame bait article once again to get us at war.

Can we just get along?

FoxyGotGame2158d ago


"Can we just get along?"

Yes WE can ...but I can't speak for anyone else ...or type /

G20WLY2158d ago ShowReplies(2)
G20WLY2158d ago

Rookie, sure I could probably link to examples, but then anyone interested can just click your IS a link...and yes we can all see you've turned over a new leaf in the past few weeks, good for you mate :)

As for your NPD examples, sure, there will be games that sell better on Xbox, but they are far fewer, which highlights my point and that of the article.

Evolve was very heavily pushed by MS and was their great hope in a period when Sony launched 2 new IPs in The Order and Bloodborne. Couple that with the fact that the PS4 beta was gimped and it bloody well should sell better on Xbox lol! And Hardline...I'm done here, I'm not even bothering.

You're right on one thing though; competition is good, so here's hoping MS can manage to sustain it in the US where it hasn't everywhere else. That way, we all win! ;^)

Rookie_Monster2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

So no link? So it is just your assumption that I did the crime but have no evidence that I ever did it. Gotcha.

Secondly you said:

"Evolve was very heavily pushed by MS and was their great hope in a period when Sony launched 2 new IPs in The Order and Bloodborne."

Hmm, Destiny was also heavily pushed by sony and somehow it sold better on XB1 on every month that that game is on NPD, add to the fact MS alao have Halo MCC out around the same time as well. Not a good example there, my friend.

G20WLY2158d ago

Rookie, you're embarrassing yourself, now. I don't need to provide a link, it's right there in your comment history. Even going back just to last week, you were marked 'trolling' 3 times and yesterday you resorted to begging for bubbles - it's all right there. You know it, I know it, anyone can see it.

You make a fair point about Destiny, but I don't recall saying there weren't a few exceptions. But guess what, it's a shooter and it's made by the people that made Halo (when it was good), so is bound to have a legacy following on Xbox, which is great.

I'm not trying to prove you wrong on this or score points; I've already sunk to your level by calling you out, and I hate that. There's truth to be found in this article whether fanboys like it or not - it's a well-founded suggestion and anyone who thinks MS will be pleased by the current market share because it's 'not that bad' is away with the fairies.

I suppose the shareholders are fine with it too, in some peoples' imaginations.

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