Google Earth interface for Wii remote

Google Earth interface for Wii remote. Tilt to move around. Press B and tilt to rotate. Press Plus and Minus to control zoom. Press Home to return to an overhead view. Press One for a full-screen view.

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untouchable4332d ago

i want to play video games not go on the internet on a gaming console

TheMART4332d ago

Read an article for once before you comment.

This is not on the Wii.

This is using a WiiMote on a PC/Mac using special drivers and a BlueTooth USB stick.

After that use it to navigate like this with Google Earth. Or just as a mouse. Or play it in games like Half Life 2, Counter Strike, NFS and others shown on

If you only want to play video games, fine.
Others will play real next gen games on the 360 and buy a WiiMote to use on their PC's.

jacen10004331d ago

wii motes on a pc how boreing, yea and next gen on 360? i havent had my 360 on since i got a hold of the wii mote and infa red totally new way of playing loving it ,play ur gears of war and pgr3 with ur crummy pads i dont mind lol how boreing