Top 5 Games To Play While Travelling

It’s difficult to get your gaming fix if you are away for a long period time. Obviously, there are the classics; a deck of cards, ‘I spy’ but of course we are referring to more digital entertainment in this article – that being said you can’t knock the classics. As technology grew, a concern not so long ago was that most devices would easily run out of battery-life, leaving you at the brick wall of boredom. However these days most trains, coaches and planes have a charging point where you can boot up your device once more. Thankfully, as technology progresses it has become easier to feed your addiction whilst on a long journey to your destination. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 games to play while travelling, that don’t necessarily require a network.

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Yukes2205d ago

Ahh Pokemon - I remember getting car sick on many a journey back in the good old days battling Rattatas on Pokemon Yellow.

MrsNesbitt2205d ago

Mortifying when you forget to save and it the battery dies!

Newmanator2204d ago

I remember when my pokemon got poisoned and the screen flashed every other step I used to think the batteries were dying...wasted so many batteries...

hamshira2204d ago

I used to travel 1 hour and 30 minutes to university each day. Handheld games saved my life.

Fullmetalevolust2204d ago

fire emblem was a great game to play while traveling this summer :) I like to level up while on the road, since it can be a mindless task to pass the JRPG's usually are good for me.
Cant play anything flashy or I get motion sickness lol

MrsNesbitt2204d ago

I did the same. Primarily focused on levelling up for long ones :)

Relientk772204d ago

I usually play Pokemon, Yugioh, or Legend of Zelda games

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The story is too old to be commented.