Japanese singer GACKT details Dragon Nest update in new video

Popular singer GACKT, who voices Velskud in the Japanese version of Dragon Nest, has detailed the upcoming update for the game in a new video. Here is what he says:

"Hello, everyone. This is Gackt. I play Velskud in Dragon Nest. The new character class Machina will be added in the upcoming update. How will she tie into the game? She has a small body, but her strength lies in her giant machine hand.
Also, see the story develop as my character Velskud struggles with the changes in himself after he received power, and switched from a revenger to someone who can save the world, at the end of the last part of the game. Dragon Nest has been running for 5 years, but you can look forward to it remaining the best online action game."

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This guy is in everything. lol