Nitroplus Blasters: Heroine Infinite Duel Limited Edition Has Super Sonico On A Crystal

In Japan, the crossover fighting game will have a limited edition package which includes the game’s soundtrack, art book, a 3D crystal art with Super Sonico in the center, and a code to get extra swimsuit costumes.

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Deathdeliverer1191d ago

For importers like me this is awesome. If there's no western release announcement after a week or so that its out in Japan, I will be importing.

Viper71191d ago

Do you mean the game or the limited edition discussed in the article?

XSEED games already announced they're bringing the game to west but it remains to be seen if this version will be included.

if you are competitive fighting game enthusiast you're usually better off with Japanese version. Mainly because you'll be guaranteed to get all the balance patches as soon as they are released. (worst mistake you could ever make is to buy EU version, don't do that..)

Deathdeliverer1191d ago

I'm speaking of this version in particular. I'd hate to get the original when it comes to the U.S. And then what's essentially part 1.5 comes out in Japan shortly before or after. I just need them to make clear what version the U.S. Is getting. Also I always get the JP version of my imports. From Gundam Extreme VS and Full Boost to Under Birth in Night. Worst versions you can get are usually Chinese. If it's not the JP version I just wait and pray it comes to America. They need to make a new Arcana Heart.