XBOX becomes ex-console

The death knell has tolled for Xbox 360's predecessor as official release schedules show seven of the UK's top ten publishers appear to have turned their backs on the format.

According to official release schedules, major third parties like Ubisoft, Sega, Midway, Vivendi and Activision have no planned future Xbox releases.

European president of Sega Mike Hayes told MCV: "Sales on Xbox have fallen dramatically in the last six months. It no longer represents a viable platform for us."

And general manager for Activision in the UK and Ireland Andrew Brown added to the groundswell of opinion: "Given the current dynamic in the Xbox market in the UK, we have had to manage the availability of our slate in line with consumer demand."

According to ELSPA statistics, Xbox enjoyed just 2.6 per cent of total software sales last week. This was still 30 per cent better than the week before, however – perhaps an indication that retailers have started slashing software prices in order to shift remaining stock.

Retailers such as Virgin Megastores, HMV and Woolworths have pulled Xbox hardware off the shelves completely and started selling-off marked-down software.

"It's fairly self-evident that demand for particular titles on Xbox is diminishing and becoming less commercially viable," head of games at HMV Tim Ellis told MCV. "I can understand why some titles may no longer be coming out."

The only big budget games still officially due for the format are: Avatar The Last Airbender from THQ (09/02), Medal Of Honor: Heroes from EA (Q1 2007) and 2K Games' film tie-in Ghost Rider (Q1 2007).

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Caxtus7504353d ago

"This was still 30 per cent better than the week before, however – perhaps an indication that retailers have started slashing software prices in order to shift remaining stock. "

....that or christmas......muppets

TheMART4353d ago

So? Next gen is here.

A 733 Mhz Celeron CPU, 64 MB Ram and Geforce 3 should be replaced for sure...

MicroGamer4353d ago

was the XBox cpu a Celeron?? When I bought mine, all the specs that I read stated that it was a Pentium 3.

KS19854353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

Oh come on, these companies should be able to make more games for the the XBox and not jumping ship to the 360. look on the Sony side, they have released the Playstation 3 (or going to release it some time later if your european) and some of the developers who are making games for all the next-gen consoles are still making games for the PS2.

All I'm saying is that give the current XBox, and the other current consoles one last play.

JIN KAZAMA4353d ago

that just tells you the power of the PLaystation. The PS2 is STILL going strong, after like 6 years. Thats pretty damn impressive. THe XBOX just got its a$$ whooped. It just tells people, the up hill battle that MS is Facing with the GIANT PLAYSTATION BRAND!

Bill Gates4353d ago

Not to rub more lemon on this wound but, the PS2 is till selling very well which only helps Sony out even more. By that I mean that new coming gamers that are recently getting into video games will be able to purchase all the great games that we've been enjoying at very low prices. These individuals could very well become fans of the brand and may very well consider purchasing a PS3 in the future. Rogue Galaxy, and God of War 2 are also coming soon. It's very important for Sony to keep the PS2 alive and well untill the PS3 begins to pick up steam.

THWIP4353d ago

This is GOOD news, for gamers anyway. I hope to hell more developers stop being lazy, and take the same action with the PS2. That POS console has been dragging down the overall quality of games for 6 years now, and is even effecting most cross-gen multiplatform games today.

Marriot VP4353d ago

PS2 is still going strong because no one can get or afford a PS3.

So is PS3's cost being TWICE as much as PS2's base price do anything for you. How about since a PS2 now costs 120, I think, and PS3 costs about five times that.

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