Randy Pitchford hits back at criticism

Yesterday, Gearbox Software’s CEO, Randy Pitchford, faced extensive criticism via Twitter in relation to the disappointing performance and “hurtful” comments surrounding 2013’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. Today, the chief executive has used a keynote speech at the Develop conference in Brighton to voice his opinions on the way gamers vocalise their criticisms.

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Jackhass1192d ago

I think it's time people moved on -- dude made a bad game. It happens.

-Foxtrot1192d ago

How can people move on if the guy keeps boasting about it, defending the game and making it look like they were in the right years later.

remixx1161192d ago

I gotta give it to fox on this one, that sh*t was an abomination from every possible viewpoint

ScorpiusX1192d ago

Analogy, Cause like every father no matter how much of a screw up the son is they will defended it no matter what or his job depends on him parade it around like a great game.

Septic1192d ago

Pitchford is ridiculous here. So stubborn and completely unwilling to accept fault. Horrible quality in a person imo.

Dont Gearbox have a PR department? They should ban him from all social media.

TheSaint1192d ago

He's like that, one of those people that can't admit a mistake. Not enough fortitude to do that.

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MasterCornholio1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

More like people are angry at him for being deceptive with the marketing of the product.

Plenty of honest people have made bad games. Difference is Randy wasnt honest with the product.

Ace Killa 081192d ago

An example now is WB with Batman, they pulled the game and are re-working on it.

Yeah the budget may not be there, but the damage is real when a game comes out crappy.

IMO with steam refunds now the game wouldn't of been released if it was due this fall in the condition it was released.

diesoft1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Agree with fox, too. If he simply said, "Sorry, everybody. We didn't handle it well. We had a great opportunity and we squandered it." then it would at LEAST bring some humility and humble pie but he didn't say those things.

If this WASN'T Aliens, people wouldn't care. We'd laugh at how bad the game was. But this WAS Aliens and people care a LOT about it. To hear about how poorly the game was handled and mishandled for a very long time, to then even trying to defend what they tried to do is what pisses people off.

It's like ordering your favorite pizza and getting a half cooked piece of dough with no cheese and then they wonder why you're upset.

But no, Randy, you're right: anyone upset that colonial marines was a bad game is someone who just loves being a jerk. THAT'S probably what it is.

CorndogBurglar1192d ago

Its not that he made a bad game. Its that he keeps defending it.

These quotes are complete BS. He acts like people complaining about CM are sadists who just want to tear things apart? Come on, CM was the biggest disappointment of last gen. If he would just stand up and apologize and admit that his game was a travesty then people wouldn't hate him so much.

If what he says is true, and there are always going to be people negatively criticizing, then where is all the hate for the Borderlands games? There isn't any, because they are great games. Randy deserves every bit of criticism he gets for CM.

MikleDemi1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

No. His company single handedly killed Duke Nukem with Duke Nukem Forever. All the while he was saying the game was the second coming of the character.

Then he bsd about ACM, going as far as releasing fake trailers. He boasted about the AI, the graphics, the design, etc. All lies.

All this tool is able to do is pimp out their one successfully franchise - Borderlands.
The game spawned sequels, countless DLC, and ports.
The game is out on every console and is soon coming to the Nintendo NX.

The guy is simply a plague on the gaming industry, and keeps defending his mistakes instead of manning up to them.

Skate-AK1192d ago

Whoever uploaded this used the worse image hosting site I have ever seen. Pop up ads and everything.

DOMination-1192d ago

The Brothers in Arms series was also hood to be fair, if you liked that sort of thing

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Ace Killa 081192d ago

The guy had a whole twitter conversation about the game and other Gearbox software. It's unavoidable for the company at this time.

Gwiz1192d ago

" It's typically a less sophisticated mind " Well Randy your analysis portraits your company to be build on a sandcastle and someone coming along and standing on all the hard work.The thing is you showed an air castle,nobody stomped on anything.A sandcastle would mean an established result,yours was cloudy at best.

I do not see myself as a sophisticated person but nor am i blind.

fanboysmackdown1192d ago

Yeah, he probably should just not say any more about that turd of a game. But we as consumers don't have to buy it either so to complain about it means you bought or rented it. I can gladly say I did neither, so I have no complaints. So in other words, read reviews, listen to others and don't waste your money on games like these.

aquaticDonut1192d ago

It's really in his and the rest of the company's best interests if they just try to forget that the game ever happened. Trying to portray yourself as the victim when you lied to consumers and produced D-grade garbage isn't winning anyone over.

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