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By Sid Shuman: "Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Great games, burdened only by the fact that they’re bound to the almost nine year-old PS3"

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Aloy-Boyfriend1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Sounds good!
Also they will release a playable demo. Call it Cash grab and all you want, but at least they are giving us demo to see if it's worth replaying. As for newcomers, This is a must have.

-Foxtrot1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

They could have added the multiplayer or Golden of them

The multiplayer for Uncharted 2 was pretty straight forward and simple. It wouldn't have been over complicated for them to add. Even if they set it back before the 1.5 update I'd take that and I'm sure a lot of fans would.

Least it's something.

Best thing to hope for now is another collection long after Uncharted 4 comes out with everything included.

xHeavYx1190d ago

I do agree that they should have added MP, but maybe they wanted people to try the UC4 MP and not get distracted.

-Foxtrot1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


Lets be honest there is a high chance Uncharted 4 will add onto the gimmick filled multiplayer found in Uncharted 3. The one which became like every other online game.

With the collection they had an opportunity, they could have added an Uncharted 2 styled multiplayer for old fans so both audiences would be happy. Either that or have the collection like Uncharted 3 and do a brand new Uncharted 2 styled multiplayer for Uncharted 4

I really want to believe the new multiplayer in Uncharted 4 is like Uncharted 2s but I don't have much hope. Even though they may aswell since PS4 sales are high and people will buy the game regardless.

We'll end up getting loadouts, kickbacks and over powered weapon mods making the entire game unbalanced.

I honestly don't think it would have hurt Uncharted 4 at all.

Aloy-Boyfriend1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Time to get over it!

To be fair the reason I didn't want an Uncharted collection was because I feared the MP would feel outdated, and that switching from U2 and U3 would be annoying. The should have made something like Master Chief collection, but they didn't. And it Doesn't matter. As for Golden Abyss, it's a PS vita game. I can't see how that game would be translated well to PS4.

The Single player in all games are solid. That will be enough for me until U4.

_-EDMIX-_1190d ago

Might be due to that the team doing the port isn't familiar with networking, who knows. It wouldn't make sense to add it if it would just be jacked up.

-Foxtrot1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


"Time to get over it!"

Oh because you said so...

" I didn't want an Uncharted collection was because I feared the MP would feel outdated"

Not everyone thinks the same...

" and that switching from U2 and U3 would be annoying "

Who said that they'd be including both. Like I said if they just took what they had before the 1.5 update and put it in it's not like they are creating it from pure scratch. Uncharted 2s online is dead it's not like we can go back.

People are only bothered because like I said above we all know NaughtyDog are going to keep the Uncharted 3 changes in Uncharted 4...or worse try to please both sets of fans. Look how that worked for Uncharted 3 when they said Hardcore mode was "for old school Uncharted 2 fans" and then had to change it to a classic mode because we complained. Even then it still wasn't the same.

All we wanted was a simple online, no one was asking for a brand new one.

Besides like I said in my first reply. Either the online or Golden Abyss. It's called the Nathan Drake collection, not the Naughty Dog Collection.

spacedelete1190d ago Show
Aloy-Boyfriend1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

It think you are being way overdramatic as always over U3 multiplayer and whether if ND will make the same mistakes. And you complain about the same thing over and over on every article damn. Why keep doing that when you yourself said you won't get it? Get over it! That's what I meant

Because I say so. It was my opinion and I didn't speak for you.

Sora_19941190d ago

Foxtrot can we go one uncharted article without u whining for uncharted 2 multiplayer plz!! Get over it man!!

Crimzon1190d ago

It's not just the lack of competitive multiplayer either, but the lack of the cooperative story mode as well.

It's going to be particularly glaring with Uncharted 3 which greeted you with a menu at the start offering singleplayer, co-op & multiplayer. In the Collection two of those three modes will be missing which is inexcusable. This isn't the Uncharted collection, it's a sloppy cash-grab that's missing huge chunks of content.

Even if people try to handwave the lack of competitive multiplayer, the co-op story modes from Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 were fantastic and offered much greater replayability than the singleplayer modes did. Their omission is a huge knock on the product.

Aloy-Boyfriend1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


I totally get that, but were most of the people really thinking about Mp every time they asked for a collection? The multiplayer in both Uncharted and The Last of Us don't tend to get much attention. In other words, they are underrated. I'm not trying to excuse the lack of MP, but the single player of all three is what the newcomers need to get into this series before U4. More content for the sake of content would be good as well, but for some reason they didn't include MP. Also who would go back to play those after U4 arrives?

All I said was that I could care less about MP on PS4. Thank god the SP are solid enough to go back and play

Rookie_Monster1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


I totally agreed with you. If they can add in TLOU mp on the PS4 version, you can't tell me they can't do the same for Uncahrted. I'd been down voted to oblivion with me costantly moaning about mp being axed but the fact that I love the Uncharted mp on PS3 when it was free and now I am paying $50 for PSN plus with its main purpose of online play and they took it away, wtf? With GOW3 at its $40 and no Ascension with its MP included to the fact that they drop the MP in Uncharted is really upsetting to me. I don't think it is right and we should hold Sony to a higher standard instead of "asking how high" when they tell us to jump.

Look here, I know all of you think I am just downplaying PS4 games and will once again down vote me with disagrees but is what I am saying not true to the core? Com on guys, how can we sit here and accept having less when we could have easily have more?!

ABizzel11190d ago

They didn't want a Halo:MCC on their hands, which is why the Multiplayer Beta is there, and not 2 different multiplayers.

I agree about Golden Abyss, although I guess motion controls is the reason for that one.

gangsta_red1190d ago


"They didn't want a Halo:MCC on their hands, which is why the Multiplayer Beta is there, and not 2 different multiplayers."

A very flimsy excuse as they could have just as easily learned from MCC's mistakes and make it work just fine for this collection. Having both MP options would have been great for this collection especially reading how many people are divided on which multiplayer is better.

MP for both games should have been included as well as the beta for 4.

Yi-Long1190d ago

Hopefully, each Uncharted game in that Trilogy has it's own Nathan Drake model, so there's a (notable) difference in look and age, instead of the same model for all three games.

-Foxtrot1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


Telling someone to "get over" something is basically

"I don't want this so it shouldn't be included...if you think different to me then shut up"

"but were most of the people really thinking about Mp every time they asked for a collection?"


Most people wanted a collection because they knew Uncharted 2s online was dying and it being on a last gen console so they hoped the collection would include it.


If you're so bothered about what a user says on here then ignore it.

I love how people want their opinions to be heard but hate anyone expressing there's.

Khronikos1190d ago

Duders MP would have made this collection almost impossible, and it is clear they don't want to interfere with UC4. WE CAN ONLY HOPE the MP is better than 3.

With MP this collection would have been a hot mess like the MCC on Xbox. NO way I wanted that happening, though we all would have liked U2 back in MP pre 1.05.

itBourne1190d ago

Foxtrot is correct there, when the collection was leaked, before the full details, I got super excited for uncharted 2 mp. (because it was the best mp last Gen = P) told my friends, the first thing they said was ohhhh uncharted 2 multiplayer hell yes. So needless to say I was sad when they said no mp, I know you get uc4 beta, but... I will probably still like uc2 better lol, because no mp can ignore the CoD effect these days.

Spa4tan1190d ago Show
freshslicepizza1190d ago

the new lighting makes it look much better. i'd like to play 1 and 2 again with the new updated visuals and smoothness, #3 not so much

frostypants1189d ago

What I'd have preferred to see...and what may have been a better selling point...would be an all new MP mode that sort of combined maps from U2/U3 and maybe some new ones. It would give those of us who already played these games some added incentive.

thricetold1189d ago

Why would they want to separate the fanbase? As you astutely noted "not everyone thinks the same " and not everyone preferred UC2 mp over UC3 mp, I know I certainly don't and you stating it's a majority is pure speculation on your part.

DigitalRaptor1189d ago

@ Gangsta_red

Flimsy? How flimsy? Do you know all the details of development? Probably not. How skilled are BluePoint Games in network code? You say that there is a distinct division about what people think of the Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 multiplayers, but providing multiplayer for both means even more division, which I doubt people truly want. It's a contradiction. I mean do you want division, or unification of standards like this remaster is already aiming to provide across all three games? Have you played the games online? What are your feelings about which is better? The process of MCC was to combine 4 games into a single format so that they could be visited as playlists. You want them to learn from them? I'd rather they don't stretch their resources just to get multiplayer in there even if they might not have the expertise to get it right in time.

@ Rookie

Once again, your PS+ cost argument is obtuse as heck. I've already said this to you at least twice but you don't listen. It's a very poorly thought out (and obvious troll) comment. PS4 has more native online multiplayer games this gen than any other platform. Where are your complaints about Xbox having less games to play online? You don't and won't ever admit or argue for that, so your position in every PS4 article in regards to multiplayer is very clear in motive.

TLOU multiplayer was in there because it was one game and had a feasible release schedule from a skilled team who had strong in-house experience with the network code. What I'm hearing here is redundant concern that BluePoint Games should stretch their resources to make a worse single player remaster so that they have multiplayer in there that will be buggy due to not having enough time to spend on getting it right. They could delay it like MCC should have been, but then it will release directly alongside Uncharted 4. They could delay Uncharted 4 so that Uncharted Remaster Collection gets its own breathing space early next year, but who wants that? Nobody.

akiraburn1189d ago

I definitely agree with you man. I've spent probably hundreds of hours on UC2's multiplayer. Between that, Demon's Souls and Killzone 2, those were among some of my favorite multiplayer experiences last generation. Even outside of competitive play, one of my friends and I would take on each of the co-op levels, trying our best to run them 2-man instead of 3, and on the hardest difficulty. Lots of fun.

So I was holding out a bit of hope that they would make a surprise UC2 multiplayer announcement at E3. That component alone would have made this collection a definite day-one purchase for me. And if they decided to release just that component later on, even as a stand-alone, I'd be very interested in grabbing it.

Regardless of how UC4's multiplayer is designed, UC2 was a blast and I'd love to play that over again running at 60fps and with all the other general perks of it being on PS4 (group chat, controller, etc). And going off of xHeavYx's thought, I would venture a guess that even if they bundled in both UC2's MP and a beta for UC4, that people would play both. Most people would jump right into UC4's beta just to see how it looks/plays, the maps, guns, and everything else (especially since there's a limited time it will be available), while being able to really enjoy UC2's multiplayer after the UC4 beta ends.

As a quick side-note, I think Frostypants also mentioned a possible solution/idea. Taking much of UC2's multiplayer design, and incorporating all the maps and weapons from both UC2 and UC3. That would have been great, and still could be if they decide to craft that later on in a different package. Sadly, it seems somewhat unlikely right now, but I'll still be holding out a bit of hope for them to bring these out at some point.

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spacedelete1190d ago

how about you realise your little opinion isn't the same as everyone else's ? if they put in multiplayer for TLOUR then theres no excuse not to for Uncharted collection. in fact i wish they would have solely remastered a full blown Uncharted 2 with multiplayer as Uncharted 1 is dated and 3 was meh. so don't tell people to get over it little man.

Aloy-Boyfriend1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Time to get over it as in Stop complaining about the same thing every time. Nowhere I'm speaking for everyone. And this isn't even ND making this. It's Bluepoint. The TLOU example here doesn't apply

"in fact i wish they would have solely remastered a full blown Uncharted 2 with multiplayer..."

Wouldn't that make people complain about that not being a collection like God of War 3 RE? You can't please everyone

DeadlyOreo1190d ago

Spacedelete is the kind of person to say this but then go ahead and pick up Gears 1 Remaster in a heartbeat lol, and having nothing bad to say about that.

MysticStrummer1190d ago

lol spacedelete just insulted that guy for doing the exact same thing, expressing his opinion.

N4G comedy!

kenshiro1001189d ago

I bet you don't even have a PS4. Stop stirring up trouble.

They're giving you three games and an MP demo for Uncharted 4. That should be good enough, right? Stop with this entitlement attitude.

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spacedelete1190d ago

first of all Uncharted 2 multiplayer was fantastic. if you don't think so you probably didn't even try it. it was actually more fun than other run of the mill shooters and i actually would have brought this had it at the very least had Uncharted 2 multiplayer. 3 was awful though. so no YOU get over it little man.

Aloy-Boyfriend1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

First of all, I never said U2 was bad. I played it a lot and loved it too.

And second, before you and fox started replying like I was generally speaking, I was saying what I think about the MP on PS4 and how "I feared" it would feel outdated because The MP had issues and the gameplay needed tweaks. In fact, many always complained about the gunplay and shiet. If you play TLOU MP and play Uncharted MP, you would realize they have got a lot better in that regard. And that says a lot about how U4 MP will be.

To me I wasn't really planning on going back to play MP on PS4 unless they made something like MCC did: seamless MP across the 2 games and fix and improve everything. If theu weren't going to do that, then screw the Uncharted collection. But, they decided to not include MP and that doesn't bother me at all. Again, i'm speaking for myself and not everyone

DeadlyOreo1190d ago


Why are you always hovering in PS4 related articles when you don't own a PS4? I never understand why you need to do that, especially when all you do is hate on it in some silly way.

spacedelete1190d ago

how exactly would multiplayer feel outdated but not the single player ? its the same exact gameplay.

showtimefolks1190d ago

This is a must have for all those who missed it last gen, yes it doesn't have MP. But uncharted series is know for its awesome single player

For anyone who missed these great games, when you do play them you will see why uncharted 2 was praised so much

Also this isnt a simple remaster they are actually making improvements

Irishguy951190d ago

Don't complain! Just accept it! Naughty Gods!


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crazychris41241190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Wish they included multiplayer for the last 2 games. Wasnt anything special like the single player but it was a lot of fun with friends. Yea were getting access to the beta but how long do you think its going to be available?? Collection is out in October and UC4 is probably coming out in March. So at the most we could have 5 month long beta but I doubt that going to happen so I'm gonna guess its gonna last 2 weeks to a month.

BitbyDeath1190d ago

Uncharted 2 had great multiplayer but I always had trouble getting into a game. Uncharted 3 Mp was meh.

TLOU multiplayer is the best ND have ever done so if abolishing the old stuff for even better MP (UC4) then I'm all for it.

scark921189d ago

I feel like the only person who enjoyed U3 multiplayer more than U2.

DigitalRaptor1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

"As the studio finalizes work on the collection, it will also roll in the assorted control scheme tweaks, gameplay refinements, and subtle mechanical upgrades that evolved through the series across all three games, bringing them into closer gameplay parity."

Fantastic to hear! Kinda makes up for a lack of multiplayer... Kinda... I'm most curious to see how Drake's Fortune plays with UC3 gameplay standards. And that infamous screen-tearing better be gone. It should look like this: .... but better, of course.

EazyC1190d ago ShowReplies(1)
Khronikos1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )

Collection is going to be awesome. I just hope the UC4 beta is a crapload better than the terrible lag and noobfest that was UC3. PLEASE be better.

I never played UC3 so that will be first and then probably UC1 to see what they did with it. I love the first one. The second is great but I'm a little burnt out on that one.

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