PS3 storms ahead of 360 in Japan

After only a month on sale, Sony's PS3 has already overtaken Xbox 360 in the Japanese market to cement an early second place in the next-gen battle in the Far East.

marcusfenix6333d ago

I guess you didn't know that already HaHa. The Wii will dominate japan, microsoft will never do any good over there. They don't make brain games for the 360!

Dante Resurection6333d ago

Ps3 will rain suprme once again bank on it! there to many casual gamers to care about the small print they just want PS brand, and half the articles on here are rubbish, blu ray looses, blu ray wins, hdd looses, hd dvd wions bla bla bla, Xbox has one, Sony has one ect get my point, Xbox had lost, oh wait Sony has lost bla bla bla articles are 9/10 complete rubbish, the only time they will ever be real is when it's all said and done! but in the end Sony will win

Bill Gates6333d ago

Your mother is prety good at that too.hahahhaaha

*only comment well spent :)

uxo226333d ago

I understand you guys keep saying that "in the end" sony will reign supreme, but I have a question where is the finish line. Does this so called war have an ending or do we keep it going until the PS3 surpasses the XBOX360, then call it over. I can say that the ATARI 2600 is going to make a comeback and take out all three next gen consoles, as long as you are willing to wait 400 years for it to happen.

I mean, really should you guys that say the PS3 will win, give us a date on when it gonna happen. That way when you start your "I told you so BS." it can at least be validated.

power of Green 6333d ago

At least Sony's ahead somewhere. lol hahahaha

Gears6333d ago

Why don;t you just agree with yourself? Oh wait you already did. The PS3 will bomb hard, consumers look at price not name brand and the PS3 is the most expensive. Wii60!

Scythesean6333d ago

then why is the dam iPod so popular? It cost $500 at times and still people by it. Why not buy the cheaper $150 MP3 Player? Because people want the best, and for them the best is the one that cost more. They want new, the 360 is so last year and the ps3 and wii are new and people want to be the popular people on the block. The PS3 sold out just like the 360 did, even if some wanted to sell their system online it still got sold and bought by someone. So your logic saying that the PS3 is dead or doomed is the rambling of a sad fanboy upset that his console is not considered the best by everyone.

I hate rap music but I don't bash it and tell everyone that likes it that their music is crap. Everyone likes different things, if we didn't the game market would be very borring.

LegendaryMark6333d ago

"consumers look at price not name brand"

I think you forgot to add a word in there. SENSIBLE consumers look at price (vs quality) and not brand. Unfortunately, the market isn't made up of sensible consumers as is proven by the masses and masses who want a new Playstation just because it has the word Playstation written on the box. Underestimate the power of brand trust at your peril, just look no further than the iPod if you need an example, like Sythesean said above me.

uxo226333d ago (Edited 6333d ago )

You guys make good points, however you have failed to consider one very important aspect in your argument. As far as the ipod goes, no one has even come close to it in quality. You are right, the name is HUGE, however if you produced an MP3 player with the same qualities and style as the ipod, put a descent name on it like Bose and priced it a 250 bucks and the equivalent ipod costed 380. It would be a rap for the ipod. Your ipod analogy is like comparing apples to oranges (no punn intended) The 360 is a STRONG and VALID foe for the PS3 and this is what has most of you so worried. What makes it a strong foe you ask? NAME(Microsoft), Price(399), Quality, and Features. All of which are ingredient for a good consumer electronics battle. PS3 has the same ingredients, some better than xbox360 some not. Now, name 1 feature that other mp3 player have over the ipod that anyone cares about? I didn't think you could.

Scythesean - Why do you HATE rap music (does any other kind of hate go along with that?)

Silverwolf6333d ago

That article is as retarded as me saying that sushi has won over macaroni and cheese. As long as it's made in Japan and has games that include girly men who cry, it'll sell in Japan.

Scythesean6333d ago

well if it was a battle with sushi and Mac n'cheese in "JAPAN" and sushi was favored more in "JAPAN" then it should be sushi that wins.

Just because you like it where you live doesn't mean it should win everywhere in the world. The earth is not burger king you can't have it your way.