EB Games Exclusive Mad Max Collector’s Edition Includes Fury Road on Blu-ray

EB Games Australia has revealed the Post-Apocalypse Edition for Avalanche Studios’ ‘Mad Max’ video game.

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JoeMcCallister2166d ago

Damn that's actually pretty cool - kind of hope this comes to the US as I missed the movie in theaters.

TheJacksonRGN2166d ago

Same here the movie was pretty good. Maybe we'll get our own, that might include the car.

JoeMcCallister2166d ago

If it comes with a bladed boomerang I'd be ok with that too

ox_ADRlAN_xo2166d ago

I just want edible chrome spray paint

OhMyGandhi2166d ago

How else can you prepare yourself for Valhalla?

SmokingMonkey2166d ago

That looks shiny and chrome.

Hope for a US release!

Deathnote1282165d ago

Damn shame its not the 3d bluray. Thats what im waiting
for :)