360 & PS3 Battle Over Scratched Discs

The battle for next (this?) gen supremacy just got that much more tedious. Opposable Thumbs ran a test a couple of days ago, sticking a bunch of scratched DVDs (dominated by the blockbuster "Bob the Builder Saves Christmas") into both a 360 and PS3, no doubt in an attempt to come up with some kind of tie-breaker category warring fanboys could use to leverage supremacy over their opponents...

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timmyp534332d ago

at least thats one less thing a gamer has to worry about

Scrumptious4332d ago

for fanboys to celebrate. The poo-ray laser has a smaller wavelength, and will be able to reader standard DVD with higher accuracy. If they did the tests on an HD-DVD player or 360 HD-DVD add-on, they would get the same results, as it is also using a blue laser with the smaller wavelength.

I guess Microsoft should just leave the videogame businees now....

Silverwolf4332d ago

this is all I was waiting for in the next gen war!!! With the huge library of kid tortured disk I have and as irresponsible as I am with $50.00+ software that I buy. The PS3 is all I need now. PS3 FOR THE WIN!!!! YEA RIGHT!!!

joemutt4332d ago

I think they are called skins, but all my friends and roomates swapping discs its a must.

My copies of PGR3, COD2 are a year old and in mint condition.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4332d ago

I wonder if you take a dump on a DVD and stick it in the 'ole PS3 if it'll still play, I'll be DAMNED it DOES. Goes to show that PS3 can eat sh!t and come back for more.

This proves nothing!

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The story is too old to be commented.