Fox, Paramount, New Line and Buena Vista Hint at 2007 Home Video Plans

As the format war continues it seems that studios are shoring up their allegiances.

In a story from The Digital Bits, we've got some interesting 2007 plans from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and New Line Cinema.

While these companies aren't mentioning specific releases, one can only imaging what they will be releasing considering the direction they are going with the next generation formats...

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DJ4332d ago

I'm going to be buying Blu-ray movies pretty soon, and I was kinda pissed that Universal only supports HD-DVD since they have quite a few titles that I wanted to purchase.

marcusfenix4332d ago

I guess they don't want to sale that many movies. HD-DVD will have ten times as many players in households as blu-ray by the end of 2006. Doesn't look good for blu-ray at the moment. I don't support either, i support digitally delivered HD content via Xbox Live Video Marketplace, and I know people who bought a 360 just to download tv shows and hd movie rentals. By the way I think HD-DVD will win, because more people are aware of the name, and it is cheaper. $100 PC HD-DVD drive vs. $600 PC Blu-Ray Drive

$399 HD-DVD Standalone player vs. $699 Blu-Ray standalone player

In the end price is the factor and HD-DVD will be the first to hit the $100 mark, and HD-DVD have both HD and regular DVD formats on one disc something Blu-Ray can't do, which means you can watch HD-DVD discs in regular DVD players until you purchase a HD-DVD player.

DJ4332d ago

The number of sold standalone players for both formats are at roughly the same total. Add PS3 into the mix and there are technically more Blu-ray owners than HD-DVD owners.

So how exactly is HD-DVD going to outsell Blu-ray 10:1 by the end of this year?

$400 HD-DVD player vs. $600 Blu-ray player vs. $500 Playstation 3 (games, Blu-ray movies, internet, etc). It's obvious which product gives you the most bang for your buck. Besides, HD-DVD has the disadvantage of having nowhere near as much industry support as Blu-ray. But then again, who would want to support the inferior format anyway?

marcusfenix4332d ago (Edited 4332d ago )

But when the average person is looking for a HD player they won't even consider the PS3. They get STANDALONE PLAYERS, they have more audio and video options and have better picture quality, plus they don't ruin your game system playing movies. The PS3 is nice and all, I just wouldn't use it for movies, and I think the majority of people won't either.

Also you have to factor in more HD-DVD add ons have been sold than PS3's. It is actually a very hot item for 360 and PC users. PC users will dictate the outcome most likely and with HD_DVD having a $100 solution the war is over.

DJ4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

360 add-on. Can't find any. BTW, the PS3's Blu-ray functionality was reviewed, and apparently it's just as good as the near-thousand dollar players. It even has the benefit of HDMI 1.3 output and an optical port for uncompressed audio.

tk4331d ago

For you a CD add on to the XB360 that can only play low quality pirated movies will "win" against the BluRay format. You will mention all kinds of weird new compression techniques that will apparently make the 320x200 image better quality than 1080p.

HD-DVD lost. Get over it. They should have had a million standalone players and two million XB360 add-on units in households before the was PS3 released. They did not. Now it is just anything-but-Sony rabid haters like yourself who will think that it is going to win over BluRay. Oh... and that Enderle fellow, who will ambush market MS products and sell the marketing material as "Analyst Reports".

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timmyp534332d ago

my first bluraydisc is gonna be "The Covenant"

Marriot VP4331d ago

haha, hope your joking that movie was utter crap

Scrumptious4331d ago

Companies don't like money. For sales just look at amazons lists. HD-DVD is selling far more titles than Blu-Ray. These 2 will most likely end up supporting both formats by mid-year, as money talks louder than Sony executives.

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