I Can't Bring Myself to Throw Out These PSone and PS2 Games

Why can't we get rid of our old classic games? Grab It may have the answer.

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SlappingOysters3265d ago

Yeah I'm the same. Boxes of old titles. In fact, I still have a Game Boy sitting on my shelf with Tetris in it. Just. Can't. Throw. Out.

nitus103264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

If you have a PS3 you can still play PS1 games. Of course if you have the original backwards compatible PS3 then you can play PS2 games.

A PS2 game played on a BC PS3 displays quite well on a HDTV, sort of like playing an up-scaled and smoothed DVD. Unfortunately PS1 games tend to look a bit grainy so they would most likely be best displayed on a smaller screen.

As for NES, SNES, Sega Master System and Megadrive you can get emulators for your PC. The only problem (green parrot and rum optional) is getting the roms. In fact you can even get emulators for N64, PS1 and PS2 games.

As for playing older or retro games well that depends on the gamer. Some still enjoy retro games and others only want the latest game and as far as they are concerned all older games are junk, still it's their money.

TWB3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

Well of course they are grainy because most of them run at like 256i reslution. If that bothers too much, you can just setup an emulator on your laptop (or basicly any PC), plug a controller in and get a cheap DVI/HDMI cable (figure out a way to output audio to speakers/TV) then choose the resolution that you prefer. I dont think that some PS1 emus even require a bios file anymore so all you need are the game discs for it to be completely legal and hassel free.

PS2 games also look great if you use a component cable, its a surprising visual boost even though it doesnt even increase the resolution unless you choose to do so (for the select few that support it)

knifefight3265d ago

Throw out? Like in the garbage? Dude, eBay. You can get huge money if they're in good condition.

Or, you know, keep them and play them. A lot of old games are great.

I_am_Batman3264d ago

Also throwing them in the garbage will most likely destroy the games. Some rare games could disappear completely. That's almost like burning books to me.

Fullmetalevolust3265d ago

I just had a major move and trust me, when I saw my psOne games and ps2 games in my shelves, I ran for the bubble wrap and they made the trip with me.
I just can't part with any of the games I buy. It probably has to do with growing up poor and my parents being unable to buy me any of the games I wanted.
I am still catching up to this day and some of these classic games are expensive, so if you have the space, start a collection :)

Ripsta7th3265d ago

Being poor makes you value money

LAWSON723265d ago

Entering that state myself, last thing I sold was a 360 and I will never sell any game related stuff. I regret so many things I have sold over the years to get the new big games.

Lukejrl3264d ago

Agreed, since i have been able to buy my own games i have not traded them in. I have sold a few, but those are far between

HeroOfKvatch3265d ago

Rip the ISOs and sell the discs on eBay.

Hoffmann3264d ago

lol @ the guys that disagreed to your comment.

I did exactly that some years ago and aved a lot of space. Copied the ido's to two external HDD's to make sure I have always a back up and almost all of the PS1 and 2 games are emulated enough now for me to enjoy them with better graphics and nice extra options like being always able to save.

madpuppy3264d ago

bu,but hows Cliffy B. gonna' afford the payments on the "his and her" Lambo's, mansion and trophy model wife if yous' do dat?!?!

you should jus mail all dose games back to their rightful owners....duh developers.


ps4lifesucka3265d ago

Selling your stuff on ebay and/or gamestop is for suckers. These games will only go up in value as time goes on and everything goes digital. I have some games on Sega CD and SNES that are worth a ton now and I bought them for next to nothing at a pawn shop :)