Until Dawn knows it's an 'interactive' B-grade slasher flick about choices | MMGN preview

MMGN: Until Dawn knows that it's an interactive B-grade slasher flick. It doesn't need to have an award-winning story, but it realises the importance of choice, and that's why it could be the best interactive experience, the annual first party game that isn’t really a game, on PlayStation.

It's basically teenage drama meets Cabin in the Woods, framed as a choose your own adventure with quicktime events and Peter Stormare as the puppet master.

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1194d ago
TomatoDragon1194d ago

This is actually one of my most anticipated titles this year.

Clown_Syndr0me1194d ago

Im looking forward to this. I dont know alot about it, but sounds like a good ride.

Qrphe1193d ago

When did interactive plot-driven games like this stopped being considered "games"? At some point people tried to redefined these when these type of experiences go back at least into the 80's with Sierra games like King's Quest and the like.

Spotie1193d ago

Certain people needed some way to discredit games like Heavy Rain last gen, so saying they weren't even games was the solution they came up with. They even used the same argument for Uncharted 2, as well.

Ozmoses1193d ago

I watched the latest video they released and I'm digging it.

I like the cheesy slasher feel I can handle that type of horror compared to over the top super grotesque stuff..

I also am cool with the style of gameplay. I loved Heavy Rain and I liked Beyond: Two Souls well enough to platinum. Which reminds me I need to go back and try for the Heavy Rain platinum.

My only concern is that if I was to buy it on August 25th I would ultimately push it aside when MGS V hits on September 1st and even further down the line when Fallout 4 hits on November 10th.

I'll probably pick this up after it receives its first price drop 6 months or so after it releases.

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