Life After Iwata: The Games Industry Has Lost Its Sense of Fun

NDTV says: "To release a good game is a task in itself but to be honest about it and resist the temptation for hyping it up seems to be an even bigger task. Through his career, Iwata managed both with aplomb. And he did it while showing up as a muppet carrying a banana. While the future for Nintendo is uncertain, there's one thing for sure, the industry hasn't just lost a great leader, it's lost its sense of fun."

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Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1195d ago

Really? It's sad he died, but don't act like the industry is dead too because of it. Last I checked, the industry outaide of Nintendo was doing better than they were. Not an insult, but it shows that the gaming world doesn't rest on Nintendo's shoulders. And it especially didn't during the last few years of Iwata's reign.

Anyway, Rest in Peace. You did your best despite being sick. Peace to his family and close friends.

Jughead34161195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

I agree. Gaming is as fun as ever. Games are as good as ever. Sad shame that Iwata passed so young, but the gaming industry is in good hands in my opinion. But it's funny how things change. Before people knew he was on the verge of dying, they were calling for him to be fired or to resign. Now, gaming is doomed. Funny.

joab7771195d ago

Exactly. I love Nintendo and what they bring...I do. But c'mon. Nintendo doesn't own "fun".

Did Uncharted 4 look fun? Uh...yeah! What about Rare Replay, or the Ratchet and Clank Reboot. I actually have a ton of FUN playing Bloodborne...seriously!!

I get the gist. Childlike games w/ bright colors and great platforming can be alot of is kart racing and star fox.

But "fun" is why many of us play. It's just, speaking for myself, that my tastes and desires have changed as I've grown. Doesn't mean I don't love to play retro games or modern takes on retro games. Indies have been a blessing. And I have a ton of fun playing games w/ my nephew.

But I have a ton of "fun" playing the games I do. TW3 has been one of the more "fun" experiences I've had since...Bloodborne. Well, it's been a good yr. Lol!

GordonKnight1194d ago

The gaming industry is not dead, but it is changing. Some people think it's dying because of these changes. Iwata was a person valued the old style of gaming and people loved him for that. This is one of the reasons I love Indie games. Most of those games are made for the love of gaming; not to only make money.

Me myself I like both old school and new school gaming.

TheDreamCorridor1195d ago

Yeah, it's a little stupid.

I didn't hear people calling him a visionary a little bit ago.

People said, "Fire him, he's ruining Nintendo!"

Now it's like, "We've lost such a fantastic mind."

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rainslacker1194d ago

Being critical of his current performance does not negate what he's brought to the industry. Despite the direction he took Nintendo, he was a visionary that opened up the market to a whole new group of people. They eventually moved onto other places, but there is no denying what he did. As a CEO, he may not have been well liked by hard core gamers, but he did make Nintendo money.

He also has a stellar portfolio of games and IP's that he's either created or worked on. Despite his approach to business in his later career, I think he did a lot of things which were aimed at vitalizing the market...even if they didn't always work out. He also oversaw some questionable decisions, which didn't work out, and that was why he was criticized.

alti1195d ago

The title alone just makes me cringe. I mean--honestly. Just don't even go there. The gaming industry is bigger than any one person and if any one person ever did their job right, it will ensure their job and its subsequent products will exist after they leave it. Saying such a thing in your title not only insults every game developer still working hard, but it insults those who have passed whose lasting impact couldn't last the following weekend.

Honestly, just . . . think a little harder before you write such nonsense.

-Foxtrot1195d ago

These articles are getting a little ridiculous now. Yeah he's died, it's sad, but why are people making out the industry was lifted from his shoulders.

I'm sorry but his decisions after the Wii (2006) got worse and worse.

People go on about how he helped Nintendo rise, which fair enough he did, but no offence with the comments he made lately and the direction he was taken the company he was steering it right down.

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NinjaRichParty1195d ago

Stop this. The man had a huge impact, but this is just too much.

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