Metal Gear Rising director Kenji Saito wants to make Kill la Kill or Berserk game

On his Twitter, PlatinumGames’ Kenji Saito expressed his desire to makes a game based on the hit 2014 anime Kill la Kill or the notoriously brutal manga Berserk.

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no_more_heroes1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Platinum would be my first choice for a Kill La Kill game. They'd be perfect for realizing that kind of chaos in game form.

breakpad1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

a Berserk game would be awesome ..but it needs clever design to be a success ..ex. it needs the RPG and slow pacing mechanics from Dragons Dogma but the combat mechanics of MGR or Vanquish ...and off course alot lot lot of blood and gore (dismemberment ect ect)

pwnsause_returns1197d ago

A berserk game? Oh man! I would so want that, haven't played a bearer game since the dreamcast berserk game.

SPARDA_4261197d ago

I'd rather have FROM do it, as Miyazaki is a huge fan of the series, and has been putting in Berserk easter eggs throughout his games.

Man_Marmalade1197d ago

Berserk please. I'm a huge fan and it would be amazing what they could do with it.

killacal131197d ago

@ sparda_426, If from made it I would be so happy, even Miyasaki would would feel honored I bet, but, In the berserk world there is only one type of sword that Guts wields, so that would limit playstyles to basically heavy sword from the Souls games, unless they made it so that you can play as all the characters from the series, that way you can have a variety, well you can also argue that guts is not really slow when using the Dragonslayer.

rdgneoz31197d ago

@killacal13 Watch the 100 man slayer fight scene and think if he's slow or not (movie version, as the anime was half manga stills :P ). Doing that much damage with with all the arrows he took...

And throughout the manga, he does have more than just the 2h ("hand" cannon, throwing knives, miniature bombs, a dagger, and a repeating crossbow).

killacal131197d ago

I need that Berserk game in my library, I am such a huge fan of the manga and animes that I am planning to get a Skull knight tatoo.

rdgneoz31197d ago

There has actually been a Dreamcast (was brought to the US) and PS2 (Japan only) Berserk games, though they are from a while ago ('99 and '04). The PS2 one looked pretty cool, though sad they never brought it over.

kingdomtriggers1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Berserk is so much better than Kill La Kill.

killacal131197d ago

It certainly is, I am vey biased though.

kingdomtriggers1197d ago

Berserk is my favorite manga of all time, so you could say I am quite biased myself lol.

killacal131197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

To the people that disagree that Berserk is better thank Kill la kill, please do yourselves a favor and watch the anime, or even better read the manga, if you do it,it will probably be your favorite manga of all time.

contradictory1197d ago

I think i'll watch the anime
Thanks for suggestion.

But my favorite anime is usually alternating between
Steins;Gate / Spice and Wolf / Code Geass / Baccano! / Usagi Drop/ FMA Brotherhood..

i just realized i have very weird tastes..

i liked Kill La Kill alot too but it's not an alternating candidate for the best one.

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