Console Generation Fragmentation

An opinion about different iteration within the same console generation.

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Elronza1216d ago

This article is on point especially about the PS Vita/ PS TV!

vongruetz1216d ago

I kind of disagree about that point specifically. He starts off making the argument that putting Vita games on the big screen is bad because now devs have to think about the game being played with a Dualshock. Then he immediately negates that by saying the same games are already available on the PS3/PS4. Devs aren't having to think about making their Vita games with a Dualshock because most of the time the game was designed around that controller.

Also, he talks about the promise of various inputs on the Vita (camera, front/rear touch, accelerometers...) and it's good that those are no longer used. Games built around them were gimmicks and other games that shoe-horned them in were horrible. It was probably the biggest complaint about early Vita games. Uncharted GA and AC3: Liberation are two examples of games that forced you to use these inputs and it just sucked. Plus, the games the heavily relied on them never sold well anyway.

Elronza1216d ago

I own a 3G PS Vita and while there are a few quality games like little big planet that use all of the Vitas features perfectly most games don't. And I hate the stupid PS TV as does the person who wrote this article, when the PS Vita itself could easily have TV output allowing us one and all to play all of our PS Vita games on the big screen. And Sony's lack of first party support is another huge blemish on the PS Vita and the far overpriced memory cards are yet another blunder on Sony's part. Yeah this article is spot on about the PS Vita/TV.

Perjoss1216d ago

I was really surprised that Nintendo decided to release a revision of the 3DS that was more powerful, Xenoblade is one of the newer games that will not run on the original 3DS.