Performance Analysis: F1 2015

A closer look at F1 2015 suggests that the Xbox One version of F1 2015 is actually running at 1440x1080, not the 900p the developer has previously suggested. It's an extra eight per cent of resolution over 900p, but more importantly, it limits upscaling artefacts to the horizontal axis only, in part explaining why image quality looks better than expected. We've also revised our comments on texture filtering as the situation here is a little more complex than previously thought.

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LifeInNZ1189d ago

What!?! Another racing simulator that fails to run at a sustained 60fps on either console. PS4 features the better framerate but really, is this is good as cross platform simulators are going to get?

madmonkey011189d ago

Most console gamers wont even notice or care if its at 50fps instead of 60. N4G users are not Representative of the gamin world. Even the PC version has performance issues for all but the very top end too.

SilentSolid1189d ago

I just can't bring myself to play on consoles anymore. subpar framerate in almost every game.