Star Wars Battlefront Vehicle Spawning Mechanic, Flying the Y-Wing and More Revealed

EA DICE's highly anticipated Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront, had some details that people still wanted to know and EA has answered some of the community questions on their blog. Most of them were fan questions concerning the vehicle spawning mechanic, if the Y-wing will be player controlled or not and if the PC version of the game will feature split-screen.

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Mostafeto1290d ago

I think the vehicle spawning mechanic should have been better than this since this mechanic means everyone will be able to drive a vehicle. I think that vehicles should be scattered around the map randomly each time and whoever finds it, gets it and drives it until he leaves it to someone else to hop in.

Pandamobile1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"this since this mechanic means everyone will be able to drive a vehicle"

That's exactly how it should work. The perks/vehicles are scattered around the map for anyone to happen upon and use if they so desire. Allowing one or two people out of 40 able to hoard the air vehicles would be a terrible way to implement the vehicle spawning mechanics.

SirBillyBones1288d ago

Alpha tester here: That's exactly how it works. They're pickups around the map, which spawn at random. Once you pick it up you have a short time to use it before it resets.. so you can't pick it up and hold it indefinitely.

venom061288d ago

this game is gonna be awesome... and NO vehicles don't need to "randomly scattered around the map". The power system works well (it did in the Alpha). The power ups are available through out the map enough to feel viable. And NO PC splitscreen isn't necessary. What matters at the end of the day is IS THE GAME FUN?

CyrusLemont1289d ago

Are you kidding me, why'd they removed ground to vehicle combat? It's like they're planning to strip all the features, then reintroduce them in future instalments as new features. eugh

SirBillyBones1288d ago

Ground to vehicle? What do you even mean?

CyrusLemont1287d ago

Ground to air vehicle combat thingy ma bob. My brain isn't working.