Skullgirls is (almost) the best fighting game for beginners

Skullgirls: 2nd Encore is a great buy for PS4 players looking to get into fighting games, but it’s a not a great deal for current players.

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choadley1246d ago

I sorta feel that Parasoul has the best gameplay design of the original cast (I like zoning characters), and either Squiggly or Big Band were the best of the newcomers.

bOObies1246d ago

I played this back on 360. I'm not very good at fighting games, and this game was no different. I don't like using weapons in fighters and it seemed rather tough for me.

KryptoniteTail1246d ago

Uh, no it is not. I am a relatively experienced player of average skill in the genre and it isn't good for beginners at all. There is way too much going on. I suggest Divekick or SSB as a first, but for more traditional Fighting games I think Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and Soulcalibur (any except SCV) are good for 2D and 3D, respectively.

Lighter91245d ago

I hate not having a block button.