Resident Evil 4 HD Project - New Comparison Screenshots Released

Chris and Albert are working on an amazing HD Texture Pack for Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD Edition, and today Chris shared some images from his latest work.

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NerveGearneeded1192d ago

they have a progress summary on the Resident Evil 4 HD project website.
close to half of the castle is done and all of island needs work :\

higgins781191d ago

Oh come on. Unless a PROPER 'remake' is done on Resi 4 similar to what happened with the Resident Evil Remake for the Gamecube, only so much can be achieved with a texture pack. Besides, I would argue Resi 4 (GC) was so finely crafted that play it today on the Gamecube via a good CRT TV, you (even today) will not be disappointed with how it looks - plays still a blinder!

NerdStalker1191d ago

Seriously they need to stop with all the remakes, sure it's great to have the option to play these games again, but come on the next gen is now and the focus should be on delivering top quality next gen games.

GearSkiN1191d ago

That's how u do remastered.

FreddyFazbear1191d ago

While I applaud this guys, But I think they are just wasting money and time. Unless they have enough time and money in the world then its fine. I mean, RE4 is already remastered "OFFICIALLY" by Capcom and they still want to improve it. THere is only so much that can be done to RE4 just like someone said above. We love RE4 but I think its better to let it stay that way. I mean Capcom's HD remaster ain't that bad. But I guess it's your time and money anyway.