Tekken X Street Fighter Not Cancelled, Says Namco

The game's producer insists that fans of the long-awaited crossover between Tekken and Street Fighter should not give up hope, and that the game is still alive

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MzDino1191d ago

Better not be! This and Tekken 7 are two fighting games I can't wait to get my hands on.

Digital_Anomaly1191d ago

Wow, really!? There's gonna be a metric shit-ton of angry fans who have something to say about that!

Digital_Anomaly1191d ago

hahaha, I read CANCELLED!


DualWielding1191d ago

hadoken and sonic boon will probably be much less effective in an environment people can side step

jukins1191d ago

Yea something tells me they will be more up close moves than distance projectiles. Still can't wait to see how they handle it

KryptoniteTail1191d ago

I hope there's no shady DLC practices this time around.

generalwinter1191d ago

If Street Fighter V is PS4 only, you have to wonder whether this game will even be on Xbox One

thatguyhayat1191d ago

Sonys funding street fighter 5. They have nothing to do with this. It'll be on xbox one

blackblades1191d ago

Guess you didn't think that through.

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The story is too old to be commented.