Street Fighter V's story & characters must match its gameplay - Rose Experience

With Street Fighter V being beta tested globally and the latest EVO tournament around the corner, the latest Rose Experience deals with how CAPCOM must explore its characters and deep lore, while finally implementing meaningful single player experiences if they want to ingratiate their brand to an even larger audience. Deep mechanics are expected, but aren't going to be enough if Street Fighter wishes to grow, and keep it's #1 spot in the genre.

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Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1246d ago

No one cares about the story. If it mattered, the characters would be old by now story-wise.

JasonRoseEh1246d ago

If no one cared, why are there multiple comics, mangas, kickstarted action series etc? People care

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1246d ago

Not enough people. Nobody cared when SF4 was a prequal. Sf5 looks like it is a prequal again.

pompombrum1246d ago

^^^ Have you seen Bison's grey hair? SF5 is a sequel to third strike.

Spotie1245d ago

Because it makes money Jason.

Street Fighter isn't BlazBlue. Story will never be its strong point. Expecting that will only lead to some pretty silly disappointment.

JasonRoseEh1246d ago

Bison has grey hair, it's definitely not a prequel. People care and story modes matter in fighting games more now than ever, that's how you grow an audience

Gohadouken1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

He used a truly exagerated hyperbole , but at core its true that it's not the primary concern for Street Fighter .

And actually while its good to follow new standards , i dont quite think it's as important as you claim for its growth .

Storytelling based fighting games have been around for a long time before MK , you didnt see them grow that much nor attract casuals much , with the exception of the early Soul Calibur titles . Of course granted they didnt have a presentation as cinematic as MK9 , and "suffered" from other stigmas preventing them to be popular among the masses (like being anime-ish , to much like a visual novel experience or the core gameplay being deemed too complicated) . And lacked the fame and aura of Mortal Kombat anyway

Still people came to MK9 , but how many didnt sell it back afterward among the casuals ? How many stayed ? The game didnt have the staying power it warranted and online following should have like Smash or Street , for various reasons that arent contigent to its storymode wealth . The casual mass always leave all fighting games once the shine is gone , but the currently more backbone games like SF4 actually retained the strongest player base , thanks to their qualities

Imo it focused on the less important aspects and suffered from it with its quickly dwindling player base , people jumping ship the minute Injustice arrived (to jump again on to MKX) , its mediocre online , and an average tourney presence compared to competitors . Something clearly MKX tries to fix with faction xp grinding and other modes , and of course additional gameplay depth .

Dont get me wrong , i do want a great story within a Street Fighter V , but it needs to be an "afterthought" after the gameplay , the netcode , the modes etc are nailed . So far i've only seen Blazblue and Guilty do all of those things combined in a satisfactory fashion ... and they've again done it in a style that wont appeal to all .

Septic1246d ago

Hey I care for the story. MK does it well, why not SF? SF has amazing potential for a great story.

Mind you, its no where near as important as gameplay but I always loved the cutscenes the Tekken games had at the start and end of a character story mode playthrough.

Baka-akaB1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I do care , but kinda like the bro above said , until a game does it in a way that combines it with every other primordial aspects done perfectly , or even well ... it's not paramount to the game and its success .

It's not as if Netherealms did and nailed everything more important right , while being focused on their neat campaign imo . That's already 4 NTR games in a row with netcode rangeing from truly bad to mediocre ...

But it's true that capcom should at least get up to past Tekken level in storytelling and cutscenes ...

pompombrum1246d ago

Capcom really need to step it up in that department. If they want to grow to the franchise and bring in newer casual players, they can't release a game like they did with SF4 with a barebones single player experience. Seeing as they are charging full price for it, that would be an accident waiting to happen. I won't expect something quite as grand as MK's interactive Martial Arts movie but ultimately it needs to be vastly improved over previous Street Fighter games.

FoxyGotGame1246d ago

A good story is always okay in General. In a Fighting Game, not so much. At least, just not that important to me and certainly not worth the 'Concern' for this Genre.

SF V Gameplay is going to Knock it out the Park, could care less about the Story /

Fishy Fingers1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

I've always found SF to have laughable 'narrative' when it comes to the games, the cutscenes at the end are just horrible in comparison to other franchises in the genre.

It's never stopped it from being my favourite fighter, but there is plenty of room for improvement and IMO it would be welcomed. But it's predominantly all about playing Vs with friends/online. Single (story) player is just training.

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