Naughty Dog is the Pixar of the Gaming World

Over the last few generations of consoles, Naughty Dog has done incredibly well at securing their spot on the top ten game developers list. With each new IP announcement leaving people in utter shock and awe it’s clear that Naughty Dog is the Pixar of the gaming world.

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ValKilmer1218d ago

Naughty Dog has truly turned the gaming industry Inside Out with their Brave slate of games. Up until they came around, it seemed like kids playing with Cars. They've morphed it from a simple Toy Story into a full-fledged cinematic medium. The Incredible games they've turned out since the dawn of the PlayStation have been a dish finer than even the best Ratatouille.

harv0521218d ago

Ha! Saw what you did there!

nX1218d ago

Yep, that wordplay's worth a bubble.
Really can't wait for Uncharted 4, it's kinda hard to imagine how they're going to top the previous games but we already know they'll pull it off - and blow our minds in the process.

zeee1217d ago

Loved your comment val!

deathtok1218d ago

You might say they've really helped bring gaming Up!

ShrektheHulk1218d ago

I didn't get it at first and thought that you just didn't know what needed capital letters and which didn't. Kudos for the double-take

miyamoto1218d ago

I think the term you are looking for is " true respectable leadership" which is essentially what PlayStation and Naughty Dog is all about.

PlayStation and Naughty Dog are in the cutting Edge frontline of the video game industry.

They are spear heads advancing this entertainment industry to excellence among other entertainment industries.

They keep the industry exciting and have a positive outlook into the future.

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Walker1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Naughty Dog is the best game developer in the industry right now . only Rockstar and valve can come close .

demonddel1218d ago

Naughty Dog is a great developer so is Rockstar but the GTA series every since 3 has been the best in gaming really didn't care to much for 4 but it remains to be seen what they do with the technology of the ps4 and the Xbox One GTA 6 can't come fast enough

itBourne1218d ago

Rockstar? Yet 4 wasn't so great, sooo they released one fantastic game in the past 10 years? Which is fine, but big difference in making one fantastic game for the entire generation and making 3 or 4. If you mix Rockstar north into maybe you can have an argument Idk.

DoctorFry1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )


GTA 4 was phenomenal when it first came out in 2008. It was easily the most immersive and detailed open world environment of its time - nothing came close.

"It wasn't so great."
That's why it's the highest rated game of last-gen then? It has a 98 on MetaCritic.

Rockstar made Red Dead Redemption, that game is a masterpiece. Besides maybe TLOU, nothing comes close to RDR.

itBourne1218d ago


I agree I freaking LOVE Red Dead Redemption, but that is Rockstar San Diego. I guess it can get confusing on who to count and who not to, plus Rockstar is a publisher too but still owned by Take Two lol so it gets hazy. Do you count San Diego, Main (NYC), and North (British I think?) all as a single studio?

demonddel1218d ago

ItBourne I didn't say anything negative about Naughty Dog Uncharted 2 was they break out game and TLoUs was a Masterpiece but Rockstar the company who made GTAV is the top developer in the game

DoctorFry1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )


They are technically different teams, but I like to see them as a whole, since they have the same company nature, and their games are written and produced by the same guys working at the North team. I also read before that a bunch of the guys from Rockstar North moved to San Diego to help make Red Dead, since the coders there had trouble making an open world wilderness environment for a cowboy setting.

Honestly, I don't know who's better. GTA 5 is superior to Red Dead at the technical level, but what South pulled off was insane. I'm certain that the new Red Dead will dominate GTA 5 in most ways, I'm just hoping it comes out soon. I'm getting burnt out from all these repetitive GTA Online updates, and a story dlc for GTA 5 is loooooooonnnnnnggggg overdo.

And Rockstar North is from Edinburgh, Scotland, but I heard a lot of the devs there are also British.

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Crummybear1218d ago

I almost forgot Valve was a developer...

Jackhass1218d ago

Hard to argue. Speaking of which, it would be interesting to see them tackle some more all-ages stuff again.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1218d ago

Better than Pixar. They're the Scorsese of story telling, and do for gaming what David Chase did for television. They're stories aregreat, but characters especially are amazing. They "know" people.

DoctorFry1218d ago

I wouldn't go as far as saying they're better than Pixar. Pixar made Toy Story, Inside Out, and Finding Nemo. While Uncharted and TLOU are great at storytelling, they're not at the level of Pixar.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1218d ago

Yeah not as much under their belt, but I think potential to exceed Pixar is evident. With time we'll see. Also of the movies you mentioned, I only liked Nemo. If I suggested a Pixar movie, it would be "Up" movie if comparing to the feels that ND produced with TLOU.

iamnsuperman1218d ago

I would disagree. Pixar can tell emotional grown up stories through a child friendly image. Naughty Dog are no where near that. They have proven to be good story tellers and they take their time with their projects (like Pixar) but they offer a different skill. Apart from the early day which I would argue we not story masterpieces as the games industry was not there yet, they tell their stories through a mature guise. I don't think anyone is at the Pixar level in the gaming world.

robtion1218d ago

I don't think you understood the comparison completely.

NeverHeavyMan1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Indeed. Completely missed the point. In fact, it seems a lot of them have, in here (judging by some of the comments). When you say The Last Of Us isn't an emotional experience, you know it's time to step away from the keyboard.

OT: Great read. They definitely a magic that's similar, no doubt!

umair_s511218d ago

@iamnsuperman I can see the similarities between Pixar and ND, and I am not even a huge Sony fan

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