Image from Pokémon Movie Shows Off Possible New Species?

The upcoming movie, Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, has a bit of a teaser at the end and we’re not quite sure what it looks like, yet.

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jannytime1191d ago

Omg yes!!
I can't wait for a new Pokemon game. This is most likely the true form of Zygarde.

KryptoniteTail1191d ago

Just seems like another type of form of an existing Pokemon. I don't know relatively new Pokemon names by heart but it looks super familiar.

Speaking of Pokemon, I hope they start doing Pokemon Fusions soon. It's a much requested feature and fans do it themselves all the time.

KimikoGaming1191d ago

I'd rather have a change to the breeding system where whenever you breed two pokemon it creates a brand new pokemon with qualities of both. Unless you are breeding two pokemon of the same evolution chain or a pokemon and ditto.

Something similar to Dragon Quest Monsters.

blackblades1191d ago

Wonder how many pokemon will there be if it ever ends.