Rocket League: How to Become a Master of the Hit Game

Releasing just this week, Rocket League has already become a hit on Twitch.TV and in the homes of millions of gamers. Absolutely worth every penny, or available free on the PlayStation Network, you’ve probably ditched hours of fun into the title already – but how do you get higher rank in Rocket League? Here are a few tips, from the basics to mastery.

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ROQFrost1197d ago

I'm going to have to download this game.

Brewski0071197d ago

Such an easy pickup-n-play title, fun for all.

Brugal1197d ago

Game is awesome. When I was first aware that this game was a soccer game played with cars I thought, this is silly. Now that I played it, I think, this is genius.

Stevefantisy1197d ago

Nice read now its time to play

akaFullMetal1197d ago

Been having a blast with this game and I love how my wife is getting into it. Very fun, pick up and play game.

Simco8761197d ago

See you in the arena peasants!

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The story is too old to be commented.