Are Expensive Collector's Editions Just a Cheap Rip-Off?

If you're a collector of the video game variety, finding that one prefect piece can sometimes become an obsession. But at what point do all these over-priced trinkets simply become useless peices of plastic studios use to milk our wallets dry?

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porkChop1195d ago

Yes. You pay so much extra money for extra crap that usually has downright terrible build quality. Every once in a while a good CE comes along, but most are just a rip-off.

crazysammy1194d ago

Some are very terrible yet some are good. The trick is to be picky and actually look at what you are getting. Also the more they make (and thus the easier it is to get) typically means its a crappier collectors edition.

Vermigs1194d ago

I still stand by my opinion that the Dead Space 3 Dev Edition was some of the best money I spent on a collector's edition.

-Foxtrot1195d ago

Most of the time you get good ones though. It's just about who is making them.

I mean I try and stay away from Project Triforces crap now. They are doing the Halo 5 edition and Mirrors Edge. Why let them do anything after the Dragon Age Inquisition quality control stuff and the cancelled Batmobile edition.

By the way they STILL havent owned up to that or addressed it.

Most of my collectors edition will hopefully be opened again once I get my own place so I can proudly display them. It's not about if they are rip offs it's about having replicas and items of your favourite franchises that aren't given to everyone

Adexus1195d ago

A lot of them are yeah, I have bought a few which I love though, got the Arkham Origins one with Batman holding up Joker which is one of my favourites, got it £30 too.

Marcus Fenix with Gears 3, Geralt with Witcher 3, Songbird with Bioshock Infinite, Halo Reach characters statue, got a few Assassin's Creed statues too which are nice too.

rainslacker1194d ago

The ones I liked the most were the AC ones as they have great statues. Loved TLOU CE. I like the ones that don't cost much more than the regular game, but offer some nice art books or little collectible items based on the game.

Ashlen1195d ago

No, the mark-up is to much, a lot of times your paying 100$ or more for some plastic stuff that costs 10$ or less to manufacture in a Chinese factory.

Also to be fair I'm of a generation where if I had most of the type of stuff displayed in my house my friends and peers would think I'm even more childish than they probably already think I am.

ShellB1194d ago

Just give me a steelbook and I'll be a happy gamer.

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The story is too old to be commented.