A Gamers’ Dilemma: Is The Game of the Year Edition Worth Waiting For?

Game of the Year, Complete or Definitive Editions : to buy or not to buy? Is it worth waiting for them or buy the original editions on launch?

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Yi-Long1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Yes. I don't mind paying full price for a new game, if/when they handle DLC 'right' (like The Witcher 3), so it's actual real value for money for substantial content made AFTER the game has been released...

... but sadly, examples of a game doing it 'right' are increasingly rare these days, with wayyy too much nickel-and-diming for my liking. So yeah, I usually just wait for a GOTY.

Kingthrash3601192d ago

The nickel and dime theme the gaming industry is forcing into full priced games is too much and makes waiting for goty auditions that come with all dlc practically free is sometimes the way to go. In some situations where a game is timed exclusive. tomb raider I'd rather wait for it to come out on the other system because it will come with most if not all dlc free..not to mention the fact that fallout comes on the same day. But games like halo I may just pick up day 1. So it's a strategy that needs to be done as a customer. ..lf its not a must have game and plenty of games are coming at the same time...wait for the goty versions..but if it's something you want to experience asap..get the original launch game.

ArchangelMike1192d ago

Prime example - Batman Arkham Knight. I'm waiting for the GOTY Edition to get all the extra DLC included for free.

warrior821192d ago

better to wait for goty, unless its a game like arkham knight.

WitWolfy1191d ago

better to wait for goty, especially if its a game like arkham knight.


Roccetarius1191d ago

Yep, it is. Certain games (actually, most games these days) aren't worth paying full price for at launch, because you know it'll have a major DLC push from release and later on.

warrior821190d ago

wwe 2k15...these guys made the dlc better than the actual game itself..shame on u 2k..and the only complete edition was a digital release before wrestlemania...not to mention the game was the worst in terms of gameplay..the showcase modes sort of made up for it but still its horrible how publishers exploit dlc...paying for 'new moves'? seriously what has the gaming world come to!

RiPPn1191d ago

I decided to wait for the GoTY on Arkham Knight.. we'll see if it pays off.

warrior821190d ago

its a solid game mate..from all the reviews...but if you can wait, i am sure the goty edition would be even worth the wait...but considering the game is so awesome already..i would pick it up now..or rent it via gamefly at least.

Maltaze1191d ago

I personally think the developers are getting greedy to the point that it reflects in the "compartmentalized" games we get. DLC also offers a lot more flexible income for developers when it comes to the 2nd hand game market. That being said, shipping a complete game with optional unlock codes basically makes this one hell of a shitty experience.

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