Examining God of War’s Mythological Accuracy

PlayStation LifeStyle looks back on the God of War series and how their characters have differed from mythology.

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excaliburps1196d ago

Wha? Greek myth doesn't have a bald dude killing everyone and everything? O_o

breakpad1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

one of the reasons that i hate so much GOW is that has completely raped Greek Mythology (for all the non-familiar with Greek history and Mythology, greek gods were benevolent beings and creators of humanity , not monstrosities) ..also Kratos doesnt resemble at all a Greek Hero (is more likely a bastard of a Celt and savage Arab)..completely lame concept art and inspiration

I_am_Batman1196d ago

If you've played God of War you should know that there is an explaination why the gods became the "monstrosities" they are in GoW.

I actually like the fact that they made their own version of the mythology.

RabbitFly1196d ago

I am a bit confused over what kind of Greek mythology you have been reading?

Cause the gods of Greek mythology have always been famous for their petty ways, schemes, intrigues and in-fighting. Basically the mythological version of a soap opera.

F. ex. Almost every famous story from Greek Mythology can be attributed to Zeus going on a raping rampage.

Which is also why Hera, Zeus wife, you know one of the gods of Olympus is very often depicted as the antagonist in the mythology.

Beside the point is also that the gods are not really, perhaps with the exception of Ares, depicted as the "bad guys" in the god of war games. They are just the antagonists because the games chose to show most of the story from the side of the titans.

You know according to Greek mythology and God of War both. The gods of the Olympus overcame and enslaved the titans. So they had their reasons for being angry.

Now I wont try to claim that God of War somehow has the most faithful depiction of Greek mythology, but your statement about the gods of Olympus being benevolent beings just doesn't sit well with me at all.

Just to give you another example. Poseidon is probably most famous for sending the monstrous Sea Serpent Cetus to Aethiopia demanding the sacrifice of Andromeda. His reasoning? Andromeda's father claimed she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Way to be benevolent.

ftwrthtx1196d ago

Accuracy? We don't need no stinkin accuracy.

We just want to control Kratos and tear stuff up.

itBourne1196d ago

I do not care so much about accuracy, but I do find it interesting seeing the differences and alterations between the two. I would love to see Norse mythology next. But apparently on here everyone wants 6 more of these shoved down their throat instead of something new, because 3 games and 3 prequels hasn't covered the story yet.

iceman061196d ago

I agree with your points about accuracy. It's more about seeing what they DID and didn't use (and how they twisted them) which is interesting to me. As far as Norse mythology, it's pretty cool...but it's been done to an extent (Thor and Avenger's movies are bringing it to light). I'd like to see something new. Maybe Native American, Aztec, or Egyptian mythos could serve as a fresh take on the god vs. man storyline. I'd even be open to some angels vs. demons vs. humans type stuff. (which might be a bit too controversial for some, but it WOULD be interesting.)

YoKody1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I love Kratos & anything GoW.
Funny thing;
I had beat GoW3 before, but I forgot what to do in that long hallway with the giant ball boulder runs through the hall...
Can't seem to block it,
Anyone have any tips how to pass it, or block it?

Palitera1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I really dont remember. Look for a walkthrough if you want to destuck yourself.

PS: great, constructive article.


I don't need accuracy. It's actually more interesting if they take liberties with the stories.