Logitech G920 Driving Force Xbox One Racing Wheel gets more images

More photos have been listed for the upcoming Logitech G920 Driving Force Xbox One Racing Wheel.

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FlexLuger1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Finally! A logitec wheel for Xbox! And a high end one, too! Might be worth investing one of these. I do play a lot of forza motorsport and horizon :)

Reaper29r1195d ago

Heck yes. I need one badly for Forza. Tired of playing with a controller but wanted something reliable. Logitech is my favorite when it comes to gaming gear, so if my other peripherals are anything to go buy this will last me the whole gen lol. Hopefully works on PC too.

u4one1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

yeah. i was really used to playing with a wheel last gen but the xb1/ps4 don't support my fanatec wheel. i was really not happy using a controller at all.

to build a wheel kit for the xb1 with the new fanatec system was going to cost almost $1k. i opted for the thrustmaster for xb1 as it was rated way better than the madcatz offering but not cost prohibitive like the new fanatec system.

its not bad. it bugs me that its a ferrari wheel, if for no other reason than it seems pointless to me and the little switches are gimmicky. the feedback is pretty good on it but it has a slight cheap feel overall in terms of materials. not bad but not amazing. one mind blowing fact is that it doesn't have a headset port so you have to rig up a controller and plug the mic into that. if you don't plug the controller in to a usb port, it will go to sleep every 9 min or so. pretty obnoxious. i don't regret it as its still way better than a controller but my eyes are wandering.

having a logitech wheel for xb1 would be really awesome. probably similar to the fanatec if i can base any of my assumptions toward it on my logitech g27 (a fantastic wheel imo) and my (now retired) fanatec (one of the best).