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MGL: The Last Episode of Life is Strange left us with one of the better endings I have ever encountered from an episodic game. "Out of Time" changed my whole perception of the series following a Not So Impressive Start.

But last time out it actually had me excited about this next episodes release. So will Life is Strange keep getting better?


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PlayableGamez1218d ago

Losing my patience regarding episode 4.

Blink_441218d ago

Yeah me too. Even telltale is about to release the next episode of GoT and episode of this isn't even out yet.

robtion1218d ago

This is why episodic gaming is a terrible idea. I never buy until the whole game is out. It is a step backwards.

rezzah1217d ago

Episodic gaming allows for diversity and changes to be made for the better (between episodes).

I bet this method is somewhat more safe in terms of funding the development too. Instead of assuming the total amount of money for one whole game, the publisher can determine set prices between episodes for development (just my assumption).

rezzah1217d ago

It isn't such a big issue if you forget about it and play other games. Once you start to focus on playing the next episode, that is when it becomes a problem.

rebeljoe141217d ago

Had my hopes up for a second thinking it was episode 4 review and then my feels shattered again