Earth Defense Force X Gameplay Video 3

Perhaps the most on screen action ever in a game!

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shotty4353d ago

War of the World but with more monters.

MadMax4353d ago

Ive been hearing about this game and they better bring it to the U.S and not just for Japan. Its supposed to be killer and from what ive seen so far it looks to be just one of those games you have to own!

FirstknighT4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

Its nice to see that Microsoft is finally stepping up in the Japanese market with games they actually want! Blue Dragon is out, this game is about to come out, and Lost Planet is a month away! Microsoft is definatly stepping up their game! Good Job!

death monk4353d ago

I thought I kept hearing from the Sony camp that this much stuff couldn't happen onscreen at once on the 360.

highps34353d ago

I dont see whats going on? Looks like a real big mess if you ask me.

Who is this marketed towards?

Looks like Saints Row with a different theme.

Its a 360 game so expect big disappoint, lag, a patch, and of course this should make a few more consoles die.

Not impressed. This is coming out AFTER gears?

death monk4353d ago

I never said it looked the greatest, although some of the metal reflections looked nice. I said that people were saying that much action couldn't happen on the 360 at once. Graphics wise it looks about the same as Warhawk. The main character could use a little work though. Obviously not every game is going to look as good as Gears of War because not every studio, especially small Japanese studios, have the money to put into the projects.

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