Eleven More Songs Announced For Rock Band 4

Eleven more songs have been announced for Rock Band 4.

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Sayburr1193d ago

Pretty impressive choices... but, more Foo fighters, more Ozzy, more Priest. At least we did get some new artist.

Skate-AK1193d ago

Makes me wonder if Ozzys publishing has loyally to Harmonix. I know he has been asked for on Rocksmith for years and they have never made songs by him.

jakmckratos1193d ago

WHy that Aerosmith song?!?!? I've been waiting to play Jaded since GH:Aerosmith dropped in '08!

5yb5n6u1193d ago

real man play rocksmith.

elarcadia1193d ago

Real man? As in only one? Real men (and women) play whatever the heck they want!

Sayburr1193d ago

Real men drive real race cars. Real men fight in real wars. Real men play real football in the NFL or FIFA (depending on where you live).

ShinMaster1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I haven't played Rock Band or GH in a while, but I'm gonna hate being forced to play through some of these songs to progress and unlock better songs.

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