The Technomancer Runs at 1080p on Xbox One

Spiders CEO talks about achieving the best graphical quality on consoles.

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u4one1191d ago

nice one. amazing how far its come since the Mattrick disaster

holysmokesbatman1191d ago

I love my xb1 but I gotta say, Don was one smarmy horrible guy, glad he's gone. Phil is the man!

u4one1191d ago

yeah me too. Phil should have been there from the beginning. I can't even believe the clean up he's achieved already.

Saranya1191d ago

Mattrick just like a joker in big three.

LifeInNZ1191d ago

Will be interesting to see, assuming Phil is still at the helm, what kind of successor to the X1 he will champion.

GameNameFame1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Good news for x1? that it can run mediocre graphics game at 1080P?

Game is not pushing any boundary.

noksucow731191d ago

I agree with Gamenamefan . Next we're gonna here that tetris is gonna run at 1080p, or pacman. I love my xbox1, but it's funny when you get these developers with low end titles, going on about what they can, or can't do with the hardware.

AndrewLB1190d ago (Edited 1190d ago )


Both xbone and PS4 graphics are mediocre at best when running 1080p considering the fact that neither seem to be able to run multiplatform games at the same level of detail as the PC version. They always dumb down the console versions through lower shadow filtering/quality, LoD, particle effects, and by applying the trademark Vaseline effect to hide poor textures at distance.


Except for the fact that Sony had the exact same DRM planned for PS4 but changed it due to the angry reception Microsoft received. Sony even admited it in an interview.

And do you really think your PS4 is DRM free? Hahe... peasants are so gullible.

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TrollHard4Life1191d ago

I'm not sure if you all forgot, But Phil was on stage plenty during that E3 also trying to sell the same image that Don was with the xbox one. It wasn't till gamers spoke out did they put up a PR campaign to make Phil a gamers boss. You are all drinking the cool aid.

remixx1161191d ago

"Cough" kool aid* "cough"

dirkdady1191d ago

The poor DRM decisions for Xbox one were made by all at the Xbox division including Phil spencer and don mattrick.

Don actually has a gaming background starting up DSI studio at the age of 17 making game series such as Test Drive, hardball and 4D boxing before working at EA.

Phil Spencer's background is working on Microsoft money, office and encarta. he has been at Microsoft for nearly all of his adult career, while don mattrick has a vast amount of gaming experience.

It's easy to pay lip service and say what the gamers want to hear when all the issues with launch of xb1 is glaringly obvious in hindsight.

ilikepizza1191d ago

Drm is still the way the go. They should of just required game updates like 99% of games require anyways.

ShowanW1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

If you paid attention Phil already admitted this fault and apologized for it.

He put himself on blast before anyone else did...

I bet you feel vindicated posting that huh?....

By the way its Kool Aid.. Kool Aid

jerjef1190d ago

@dirkdady "It's easy to pay lip service and say what the gamers want to hear"

Sony's business model in a nutshell.

FriedGoat1190d ago

Not to mention, Phil also reduced Rare into the shovelware pushing company it is today.

Microsoft have great PR, that's why Phil Spencer is painted in such a good light even though he's just as bad.

"One of Rare’s former composers, Grant Kirkhope, stated in a video cast (statement made at 2 hour, 11 minute and 35 second mark) his belief on what happened to Rare:

“I think Rare have completely ****ed themselves. And it isn’t their fault; it’s Microsoft’s fault. They have completely ruined that company, and it makes me cry every day of my life.”

Spencer served as general manager of Microsoft Game Studios EMEA, working with Microsoft's European developers and studios such as Lionhead Studios and Rare Ltd. until 2008, when he became the general manager of Microsoft Studios, eventually becoming the studio's corporate vice president a year later."

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Hoffmann1191d ago

Oh..another gamingbolt article to fill the fuel of the consolewarboys.

gfk3421191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )


Has anyone noticed that this article (having only X1 in the title) was posted in the PS4 section?

I wonder why?


paranoid19711191d ago

it's the guy (Nike) who is submitting it who adds the tags and he's done it before.

Dir_en_grey1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I've reported shady doings from gamingbolt and it's article senders AND approvers as I caught them getting away w/ BS many times, but conveniently ignored by the moderators of N4G while other stories gets take down so fast and get judged with stricter rules when this site gets away with the same exact thing.

Either some moderators have favoritisms towards this site or having console biased affecting their job.

Hope someone else watch the stories that get approved and disapproved and notice the same thing, N4G mods definitely seems bias to me.

Forn1191d ago

"achieving the best graphical quality on consoles" 😑 Just watched gameplay from this game and all I can do is laugh at that statement.

Dudebro901191d ago

What an amazingly awful headline.

AngelicIceDiamond1191d ago

Yeah its pretty awful. There was no mention of SDK in the article.

"we decided to stick to 1080p and 30 fps on PS4 and Xbox One."

Is all he said.

_-EDMIX-_1191d ago

as if its news to the XONE gamers, expected for the PS4 gamers.

Regardless, the headline makes not sense, the game is coming to both, runs that on both etc.

Dat flamebait headline doe!

Letthewookiewin1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I'm starting to get Gamingbolt, it goes like this,

GB: So what is it about X1 that makes it the best system in the world

Awkward Dev: uh, we enjoy working with all platforms and each has its own strengths

GB Headline on N4G: Dev says X1 is the best system!

OldDude1191d ago

So a B-List developer says they are pushing hardware again? Tell me, why do I care? Haven't we had enough of these articles? I honestly dont care if a game on a console is 1080p or 900p if it plays well. If I want graphics fidelity I play my PC. Consoles are about fun and about value, please ban Gamingbolt articles as they are just trash.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1191d ago

Again I ask. How do these guys keep getting funding?....

Black0ut1191d ago

Well said Dude. Gameplay first and then graphics>resolution imo.

Sick of this flaming articles already. They're only submitted to fuel the fanboy way and that's it. Screw Gamingbolt.

OldDude1191d ago

Thank you, I have moments.... sometimes.


Yeah and? Im an X1 owner as many know by now, But so far Dying Light and GTA V are the best looking open world games on X1 and they run 1080p.
I would just think those games are more demanding and show what X1 can do more than this game.

It bugs me to see games like Trials run at 900p on X1 -_-

RocketScienceLvlStuf1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

No. Dying light doesn't run at 1080p on xbone. The resolution is reduced on the horizontal lines.

I wonder when xbone will ever get a next gen AAA game running at full 1080p that isn't a racing or sports game. Seems like it is too weak to do it to me. Nearly every multiplat over the last couple of years runs at that weird 900p resolution.

thisgamer5031191d ago

Are you more worried about that "weird 900p" resolution than how it actually looks? Have you seen both consoles side by side? I find it amazing that so many fanboys believes 900p changes the look/feel/gameplay of any game. It's like sony fanboys think the xbox looks like a super nintendo or something. Xbox=Lowest midrange, PS4=SLIGHTLY higher in the lower Midrange. PC=Low-Mid-High-Ultra-Stomping all over the competition


Oh you are right, I always thought it was 1920x1080, but its 1538x1080 (which is a weird Res). I think Outlast was a good looking game and it runs 1080p and 60fps on X1

falviousuk1191d ago

Another ill informed person.

Destiny runs at 1080 on both consoles, pretty sure that isnt a racing or sports game

RocketScienceLvlStuf1191d ago

Destiny is cross gen. Hardly next gen.


I lose bubbles just for breathing on here...

BeefCurtains1191d ago

Funny, so now we are putting restrictions on which games count at 1080p? So if it's racing or shooting, well those don't count? SMH, some fanboys, I swear...

Seems like it is weaker than Ps4 (proven) but still very capable and games still look great "at that weird 900p".

I mainly PC game at 1440p and Ultra setting, my enjoyment of the game is never "better" than my X1. But I guess it's important to certain gamers who fuel the fanboy (edit: console) war.

Shineon1191d ago

I wonder when PS4 will run a non last gen AAA game at 1080P along with 60fps I guess it's just too weak.

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meche3341191d ago

trials is a launch game

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