Halo 5: Guardians Infographic Ties Halo Storyline & Lore; Studio Head Comments On Lore Necessity

343i and Microsoft have released a infographic for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians to ties the Halo lore and storyline.

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Septic1284d ago

No the Halo games do a TERRIBLE job of doing the lore justice. In fact, so much of the story is based on the lore than I really wonder if anyone who hasn't read the books stands a chance of understanding what's going on.

With Halo 4; who was the Didact? The books explained everything in great detail including the existence of another Didact (created via brevit mutation), the relationship with the Librarian and why the Didact lost his mind somewhat.

With Halo 5, you're reunited with Blue team. Now I'm having to constantly explain to my mates who haven't read the books, the significance of this and who Blue team are.

Instead of making shoddy series like they did with Agent Locke, they need to make a real effort to explain the lore to the masses because the lore is absolutely incredible and deep, its just that the devs don't do it justice.

Make a series about how humans existed millenia ago and were technologically matching the Forerunners. Show how they were devolved. Show how the Forerunners won and what they did to the Precursors (who created humans and Forerunners. Explain what the Mantle of Responsibility actually is. What the Domain is! What the Flood really were. So much important info untouched by the games.

VER1ON1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Interesting. I think it would be amazing and interesting if 343 would make some sort of of pilot explaining the lore in a nutshell. Same like what they are doing with the #Huntthetruth episodes.

Having played all Halo games I must admit I'm haven't read through all the lore and I feel like I'm missing out on certain parts.

Dlacy13g1283d ago

watch this, I found it helpful in connecting some dots:

4Sh0w1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

"So much important info untouched by the games."

-Agreed, but are you seriously suggesting that they can tell the whole of Halo's vast lore within any 1 Halo game?

-I got tons of friends who never read the books and understand the basic storyline of Halo and enjoy the games WITHOUT understanding the nuances of the lore....the people who are looking to understand everything NEED to explore the lore outside of the game, seriously I think Halo4 told a great story but its asking a lot for a Halo game to completely encompass the Halo lore so that folks know everything about Halo once its concluded, remember this is a FPS not a RPG.

The way I see it is that gamers who really enjoy or are interested in Halo's story after a play through SHOULD have some questions, not about huge plot wholes that left them lost about what's going on(not the case with Halo4) but stuff like "What the Domain is", is frankly something that if you are really that captivated by the storyline something you should read up on.

-Foxtrot1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

May I just say that despite you thinking we don't see eye to eye all the time that this is the best comment on this subject that I've agreed to.

They expect us to have read ALL THE BOOKS or looked at any other media from the Halo Universe that isn't a game.

Halo 4 did just that. The Didact, Requiem, the Forerunners, the war between humans, forerunners and the flood, the librarian and how she was the Didacts wife etc. Some things are hinted at within the game but it's done in a way where you are supposed to think back of what you've read in a novel to understand what's currently going on so they don't have to explain it. So basically die hard Halo fans get it while the rest are like "Huh...wonder what that was about" and then after the game checks a list of references they didn't get.

Sparten Ops is another. I never finished it but looked at what happened online and it's a lot to take it. You had backstory on Halsey and what happened to her. This will link into Halo 5 so what about those who didn't finish Sparten Ops. Wouldn't it have been better to add those story points into the main game.

Like you've said about Halo 5. The Blue team. I have no idea who they are and because of that I don't care like the rest of people. As you've seen with my comments instead of being glad of the Blue teams return I'm left with "So a bunch of A.I's are going to be following me in the entire game making the game easier for me just so other people can play co-op I have to suffer". Not to mention the fact there is going to be dialogue between them and no offence but Master Chief isn't much of a talker as we've all seen. I'm more ticked off with the fact they've replaced Cortana with a bunch of Spartans like Chief. That chemistry and relationship the Chief and her had is now gone.

You have Agent Locke aswell. They spent their time on a bloody series to get a look into Lockes backstory and have him fully developed for the game and yet it fell flat on it's face. The show was lacklustre and Locke just came across as boring.

So now we have people who didn't read the books/novels AND those unfortunate people who didn't watch the series.

They've got to work on their story telling. I feel like because they work so much on the multiplayer side of things they don't put much time into the single player which is always why the campaign comes off a bit short. If they spent their time on a longer campaign they could explain everything in a well crafted story. In the end it comes across that they need to condense as much into this smaller campaign then they actually want

Now it seems we have to access terminals and voice recordings to understand the backstory

I feel like with Halo 5 they've decided to create some sort of spin off instead of making a full on main game just starring the Master Chief. I would have been happy if it was just Chief running from Locke (without playing him) so he could find Cortana or a way to fix her while facing their new threat.

Septic1284d ago

Compeltely agree. In fact, Destiny kinda sums up the problem with these games as that's a total extreme of that approach there.

Also yeah, good point about Spartan Ops. Halsey has an arm missing. People who didn't go through that are gonna be like The story coming off the impressive CGI series is so important in Halo 5 and its been neglected within the game itself.

I doubt the approach will change either. If they got their act together here then maybe fans wouldn't have to resort to making videos after videos on the lore.

Dlacy13g1283d ago

I do agree that the lore / Story of Halo is complicated and not many have a full understanding of it. To be honest, I am not sure you could either unless you are really hardcore about both playing, watching and reading everything Halo.

Its very similar to the issue that Star Wars has/had...You have movies, games, books and animated series which some is considered cannon and other elements isn't... to a casual fan you will have no way of know what is what... its a giant web of a story that only the most hardcore will have the full story down.

So Halo will continue on to be a bit of a hot mess in terms of being properly told but ....and I do say but...I don't find that to be so big an issue to keep me and others who are not as "into" the full story from enjoying the next installment.

Hooby1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

They were so scared of "confusing" people with who the didact was that they didn't even bother explaining a damn thing about him. Laughable. Did no one on the infinity wonder WHO he was? WHY he was trying to kill them? WHAT requiem is? WHAT the floating orb was? This isn't deep fiction, these are core components of the story that they couldn't bother to answer within the story itself.

OpieWinston1284d ago

They put a lot of effort into giving you ways.

Fall of Reach (Blue Team) has been told MULTIPLE times.

Book, Comics, and now Animated Series.

The Halo lore is so expansive and so rich with content that all they really need to do is tell brief versions of each of the stories via Animated Series with "Sequence Group" the guys who did the Halo 2 Terminal videos and now the Fall of Reach animated series.

Things like Escalation bridge the gap between 4 & 5, and introduce you to Tanaka. But when you're playing 5 much like 4, they'll tell you what you need to know.

The point is if you want to explore more content it's there for you. As far as "The masses go", all they'll need to explain is what the Guardians do and Blue teams connection.

Halo has....
Audio series
Animated Series
Web Series
TV Series

They give you just enough when the game launches. But all Halo lore junkies know that 343i is doing the lore justice. I don't think you know what "justice" means.

-Foxtrot1283d ago

If you want to play the games why should you feel the need to watch/read another form of media to understand an upcoming game.

It's called story telling. You use your chosen form of media to tell your story.

If you are telling a story and you come across a problem where you think "Ah they'll hopefully have read or watched (insert other media)" then you have a problem.

If they want to expand their lore and universe they can...they just shouldn't expand it with stuff that they want to use for their main games. All you are doing is confusing non die hard Halo fans.

If the main games really need to reference something that is told in other forms of media then they need to make sure that the story they are telling has the time to tell the audience that and explain it within the story.

"The point is if you want to explore more content it's there for you"

You can't just brush people off like that. If I was telling a story and there was plothole but I turned around and said "Well go watch/read the other forms of content" I'd end up being a bad storyteller.

"But all Halo lore junkies know that 343i is doing the lore justice"

Halo Lore Junkies is basically who they are catering to and is why they don't try with their story telling.

They need to know not everyone is a die hard fan. I like Halo but to spend my time reading and watching EVERYTHING. People have lifes you know.

Dlacy13g1283d ago

single best/quick recap of the Halo Universe I have come across:

4Sh0w1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

-Foxtrot, allow me to disagree with you as usual.
"You can't just brush people off like that. If I was telling a story and there was plothole"

-What "plothole" is there in Halo4 though? If by plothole you mean every single character or event is NOT fully explained along with a complete background synopsis of what happened before then YES, but every game and movie out there suffers from this. As far as the plot of Halo 1-4 goes its pretty well told for the most part, maybe a few "huh? moments" here and there but that's mostly just because you might want to know more about who, why or how something happened. Still if you just want to sit down and play a sci-fi story driven game about a super soldier trying to save the world it pretty much gives you all that in the story 1-4.

The difference between Halo and most other great sci-fi stories is that aside from Star Wars and a few others, THERE IS ALOT OF OTHER MEDIA to explain the details about what happened across the timeline of its fictional story.

-yeah that's one of the best vids I've ever seen that covers the wave tops of the Halo Universe.

-Foxtrot1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )


Jeez...that response

Don't have to be hostile about it

"allow me to disagree with you as usual"

Oh so you disagree for the sake of it...that's nice to know. Mature.

4Sh0w1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

"Oh so you disagree for the sake of it...that's nice to know. Mature."

-No. I just disagree with you about most things gaming related, I find your opinions especially on X1 related news most of the time very much at odds with what I and most xbox fans I know would suggest, prefer, or change. Its subjective so you are welcome to your opinion, as I am welcome to mine. I dont know what I said that made you act so butthurt. Its a simple comment "as usual"= I disagree with you more often than I agree with you, whats wrong with that?...We just see things very differently most of the time.

-Then you go calling names, not once did I personally attack you...ironically you question my maturity.

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Elit3Nick1283d ago

Agreed. BTW the Iso-Didact is one of my favorite characters and I hope he makes some sort of comeback, either still alive (since he and the remaining forerunners exiling themselves after Halo's firing), imprinting himself inside a forerunner ruin like the Librarian or being an implanted geas in someone else.

343_Guilty_Spark1283d ago

He's got to at the very least be in Halo 6.

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BattleTorn1283d ago

Animated Fall of Reach series?

This any good?

343_Guilty_Spark1283d ago

The problem honestly is that Bungie did a poor job explaining all the story in the games. You can't expect 343i to spend all its time explaining what should have been explained in Halo 1-3. There is also the issue that some of the story didn't even exist until it was retconned by Nylund and other authors.

xxmagicmanx1280d ago

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