Ratchet, Sweet Tooth & Sackboy to cameo in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

In a PlayStation Blog post today, Josh Tsui the president of Robomodo, revealed that PlayStation gamers would receive exclusive items within Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5.

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TheLoCoRaven1246d ago

Hopefully its exclusive hi-res texture packs cause this game looks like garbage.

kayoss1246d ago

I have to agree with you. But the original tony hawk game looked like garbage too but it was fun as hell. As long as the game is fun to play like the original, I dont really mind.

TheLoCoRaven1246d ago

Yea. Thats why I only said "looks" like garbage. Could still be a fun game.

curtis921246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

The original didn't look like garbage when it came out. It was as modern as you could get really given the system and the era. This new game looks like a remaster of a ps2-era game. And I'm not just talking visuals, but gameplay as well. Hardly acceptable with today's standards. If this were being advertised as a throwback with $20 pricetag I could understand. But they're selling this as a new-gen experience worthy of full retail value.

FunAndGun1246d ago

I don't think the original Tony Hawk games looked like garbage at all. This one however looks fairly dated already.

XanderZane1246d ago

It just doesn't look like it's worj $60 to me. Looks like a PS2 game. This game should be $19.99 at the most. I won't get it at launch. Either wait for a significant price drop or it to come to PSPlus or GWG.

Skate-AK1246d ago

Activision is not joking when it comes to deals with Sony. First Destiny, then COD and now THPS5. I am not saying having exclusive items for THPS5 is a big deal at all but it is showing a trend that has been happening lately.

MikleDemi1246d ago

Well yeah, when you are outselling the competition by so much, it makes business sense.

RiseofScorpio1246d ago

So it makes sense so sandbag the lower selling version? You do realise these extra characters go to who's paying not who's selling the most?

PunisherRevenge1246d ago

@Mikle....You do know that Sony is paying for these exclusive deals right? They are not free just because Sony is on top as far as There is no such thing as a free partnership.

Hercules1891246d ago

Its probably because Microsoft didn't want to pay extra, when they are dominating the fall with all their games. When people see they have the games the gap will shorten unless gamers truly don't have common sense

FunAndGun1246d ago

I have common sense, that's why I bought a PS4! ^_^

bmwfanatic1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

Halo and forza released last holiday as well and the gap just got bigger. Expect the same this year.

Hercules1891246d ago

So how will the gap widen when Sony doesnt have any games for the fall except a collection of a certain linear game.

FunAndGun1246d ago

I don't care about the gap, or a single time period (fall or Christmas). I do know however that Sony will provide games throughout the FULL life of my console and that is one of the single reasons I game on Playstation. They have proven their history.

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Picture_Dancer1246d ago

The more PS4 have lead over Xone the more exclusive content it gets, the more exclusive content PS4 gets, the more lead over Xone it gets...

Satyre281246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

You realize that is not true at all lol. You think just because the PS4 had more sales they just give it exclusive content? Yea, thats not how it works lol. These companies want their money, every bit of exclusive content is costing Sony money, its not just given to them...

@Kayoss im not saying that exclusive content doesnt help sales. My argument to him was that he made it sound that just because PS4 has a sales lead companies are giving them exclusive content for free.

kayoss1246d ago

You do not understand the meaning of long term gain do you. Sony maybe throwing money out for exclusives right now. But those exclusive may get fans to buy into their product. If a die hard tony hawk fan decided to buy the game. His first question will be, "which console should i choose?" If he decided to buy the PS4 for its exclusive contents, then its a win for Sony. Why, because from now on, when this person buys a game. It would be most likely for the PS4.
Potential increase in system sold will translate to increase in software sold for that console.

INTOmyMOUTH1246d ago

The hell are you talking about, breh? It's platform specific characters. Did you even read article?

NeverHeavyMan1246d ago

I read the article and only saw a hint of PlayStation exclusive characters.

@ Satyre: Yes, a sales lead means much less incentive from Sony to receive these types of deals. That's always how it's been. The PS1 and PS2 saw similar things and it wasn't always because Sony whipped out a blank check.

Youngindy211246d ago

Was Xbox supposed to get Sackboy?

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