Rocket League’s Epic Menu Issue And Fix

Clipping Error discuss the massive issue with Rocket League's menu screen that has been causing Playstation 4 consoles around the world to crash and literally burn in some cases with some massive fan and overheating issues. They cover what the issue was, how it's been patched, and what their personal opinions of it are.

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VER1ON1218d ago

Once it plays, its a blast :)

UKmilitia1218d ago

cant they just make some of the stuff in background static etc?
i love the fact all the grass is individual but it isnt fully needed lol.

i love the game but it worries me the effect it has on my console and if it does overheat what would sony or the devs say?

Vitalogy1218d ago

Even though a patch as been released recently, my console still overheats while I'm on the menu without messing around the camera but if I put the angle top-down then it slowly starts to calm down.

Also, I don't get these new game patches that are bigger in size than the game itself o.O happened with ether one and it's happening with rocket league.

Cra2yey31218d ago

First patch and hot fixes havent solved the fan problem. Dont care who says otherwise.

PurpHerbison1218d ago

I really enjoy 2v2 in this game. Not so much 3v3, definitely not 4v4. Too many random variables. No wonder they call it "Chaos".

Wolfenstein511218d ago

I normally don't play multiplayer games, but when I do, I prefer Rocket League!

DefenderOfDoom21218d ago

So far, i think i have not had any issues with noise fan problems or over heating . But hard to tell with my air conditioner blasting and fan facing my PS4 .

Game is very fun to play online, 1 on 1.