Players report frame-rate drops and stuttering after GTA Online's latest update

Players have been reporting issues with GTA Online's recent Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 update, claiming that since it dropped they've been experiencing micro stuttering and frame-rate inconsistency across both online and offline modes.

There's a rather bad-tempered (understandably) summation of the situation over on the GTA V PC Reddit and the game's Steam forums. Developer Rockstar has acknowledged the issue.

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SunnyZ1194d ago

They gimped their game script engine by trying to stop modders.

How about instead of lame 2 week bans for caught modders and script kiddies, they hand out permanent banns.

That will stop the retards coming back online.

By all means, mod away offline, it is your right, you own the game, plus it's fun as!

But don't hack online...

solar1194d ago

This is the only PC game in years I've had problems with constant crashing after the first IGG update

JamesBroski1194d ago

Since day one I cannot play this game in 1080p. The FPS constantly drops from 60 to 20 for absolutely no reasons. The only way for me to play this game is to play it at 900p, activate MXAA, save the settings, then deactivate it again. I don't know why, but that fixes the random FPS drops (only in 900p though).

It's fucking annoying that to actually play this game on my TV I have to play the PS4 version.

Gran Touring1193d ago

Do you mean FXAA or MSAA? Don't use MSAA, it's a resource hog and best to go without it. What are your specs btw?

Also been having issues with the game recently, particularly when the cops are searching during higher wanted levels. Not to mention the constant micro-stutter; all from this update.

JamesBroski1193d ago

Yea meant MSAA sorry. I know I don't leave it on. For some reasons, when I enable it, save changes, then disable it, it fixes the weird FPS drops. If I don't do that every time I run the game, it's literally unplayable. But like I mentioned, it's only playable in 900p, that fix doesn't work when I try to play on my HDTV in 1080p.

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